Kiwi booze culture: Warning labels will work

Last updated 05:00 28/01/2013

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Changing the Kiwi booze culture

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I'm 18 years old and a large number of my friends, including myself, are drinkers.

In December 2012, New Zealand politicians voted in the non-alcohol law reform. About the same time I decided it was time to improve health education and give alcohol labelling like cigarettes. I introduced voluntary health messages and continued to share news on alcohol harm on my Facebook.

At first I believed it would end up being ignored like cigarette labels but I soon discovered that my belief was wrong.

The feedback I got can be summed up in one sentence: Alcohol harms your health, [these] messages are great and encourage me to reduce drinking and drink safely.

If alcohol is given the cigarette label-style treatment then our drinking culture will be changed.

This is a sample alcohol promotion I use on Facebook. The name of the store has been changed.


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Alcohol is harmful to unborn babies. There is no safe drinking level if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Alcohol can cause the unborn to be born with disabilities and possible early death.

Please drink safely. 

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