I've just finished reading: A Feast for Crows

Last updated 09:54 19/09/2012
A Feast For Crows
BACK-STABBING FUN: A Feast for Crows.

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Clever Mr Martin. Anyone who has invested time in reading the four Game of Thrones novels (5 if you read Book 3 in 2 parts), will want to read A Feast For Crows by default.

The story has been split by character, and only covers half of the giant cast. What you get here are references to other events (through messages, rumours, aftermaths) but without the detail - and you WANT to know the detail.

As before, you can't get too close to any character - this is a brutal world with double-crosses and deception all around.

Less action-packed than previous books, the story still grips with its intrigue, twists and turns.

However, a good editor should rein back Martin's use of "half a heartbeat", which is often used inappropriately.

I'm trying to pace myself working through this series so will not move straight to A Dance With Dragons, but I shall still look forward to it.

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