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Last updated 05:00 11/10/2012
Hitmail book cover
BATTLING EVIL: Hitmail Dot Com's main character, Maddi Wallace, as much work to do.

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I would definitely categorise this story as an adventure.

I was thoroughly entertained by the journey that Maddi Wallace is required to go on. I say "required", because she's actually the last person alive who can stop the evil the world faces.

She is of course frightened at times, but she's also backed by a handsome FBI agent and a couple of light-hearted, yet aware, friends. She finds strength from that and also from somewhere within herself.

I love how Russell Turney uses mysterious places from Earth's past in his books.

In this book, Lemuria is his mystery of choice. With so many people wondering about that lost land and if it was real and what kind of people were on it, it's exceedingly interesting to have someone use their imagination to share a story about it.

Enchanting is the best word to describe Turney's vision of Lemuria. I don't want to go into too much detail here, but if you're at all curious about this lost continent you will definitely find this book worth reading.

This is a classic tale of evil trying to destroy everything and good trying its best to defeat it.

Now's the time to write a 2012 end-of-days book, and Russell Turney has added his to the mix. I highly enjoyed reading it, and I look forward to more imaginative tales from this New Zealand author.

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