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Last updated 05:00 12/10/2012

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OK, forget Harry Potter, this is more like Coronation St.

I picked up this book out of curiosity, not with any intent to read, and after three chapters I was hooked.

JK Rowling begins by skilfully casting her array of characters. These you will find are a mixture of people, who must come from real life. I am sure you will see people in your life like these, and one or two may remind you of yourself.

Barry Fairbrother, arguably the central character in the story, drops dead in the first chapter creating a casual vacancy on the small town of Pagford's parish council. It is the effects of the vacuum created by his death and the resulting ripples that pass through the town which make this story.

At the time of writing I am within 50 pages of the end. The fabric of the community is quietly ripping apart, but in an almost restrained, English fashion, I am still hooked and have no idea how this will possibly end.

On the whole this is a great read. I am really enjoying it. Just don't make the mistake of buying it for your children.

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