I've just finished reading... Abduction

Last updated 05:00 31/10/2012
FRENETIC RIDE: Wanda Dyson's Abduction.
FRENETIC RIDE: Wanda Dyson's Abduction.

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I've just finished reading…

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"Where's Jessie?" Even as she breathes out the words, Karen Matthews knows that her worst nightmare has become a reality.

Her seven-month-old baby is gone, stolen during the night. When the police call a famous psychic, Zoe Shefford, to use her mysterious "powers" to locate the child, Karen hesitates. When her husband suddenly disappears as well, Karen becomes the prime suspect.

Apparently, God has forgotten about poor Karen Matthews, left to mourn the loss of her baby, her husband and even her faith - or has he? That's what Karen - and Zoe - must find out before it's too late.
Abduction will keep you up with its expertly woven twists and cliffhangers!

This thriller is unusual in that it has controversial issues to present. Nearly every character learns to view issues from others' perspectives and grows from this new awareness.

Wanda Dyson combines mystery, suspense and romance and even a good dose of humour for a real page-turner.

I planned to leisurely work my way through the story and ended up finishing it overnight! Her characters, from the hard-nosed detective, and victimised mother, to the tantalising psychic, immediately grab you.

On top of it all, Dyson tackles the question: Why do bad things happen to good people?

The story is immensely satisfying by the time you've turned the last page. I can't wait for the sequel.

You'll want to curl up in your favourite chair and totally enjoy this book, but beware - if you read it in bed late at night, you might find yourself hearing strange noises and having to get up to check for intruders. You'll find yourself involved with the characters from page one.

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