I've just finished reading: The Dawkins Delusion

Last updated 05:00 10/11/2012
Dawkins Delusion
FIGHTING BACK: The Dawkins Delusion.

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Richard Dawkins wrote The God Delusion in 2006, and it became a best seller. Dawkins preaches atheism, which he maintains is the only sensible response to modern science. In reply to Dawkins's book, fellow Oxford professor Alister McGrath reviewed it in The Dawkins Delusion.

McGrath is an atheist turned Christian, and a scientist turned theologian. So he is very well acquainted with Dawkins's position - he has been there. And he pulls no punches. Here are some quotes:
* "The book is often little more than an aggregation of convenient factoids suitably overstated to achieve maximum impact and loosely arranged to suggest that they constitute an argument,'' (P13).

* "Dawkins treats evidence as something to shoehorn into his preconceived theoretical framework. Religion is persistently and consistently portrayed in the worst possible way, mimicking the worst features of religious fundamentalism's portrayal of atheism," (p14).

* "It is a hopelessly muddled reading of things. It ultimately depends on an obsolete and now abandoned historical reading of the relationship of science and religion," (p46).

I could go on, but that will give you a taste. McGrath systematically dismantles Dawkins's claims (in the nicest possible way, I hasten to add), and identifies him as a man on a crusade who cares little for logical argument and proper scholarship.

If you have read The God Delusion I think you owe it to yourself to pick up McGrath's review.

Look out for other stuff he has written as well.

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