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Last updated 11:05 19/11/2012

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The enormous giant of a book Les Miserables looks very daunting in bookstore shelves, but I read it on my kindle which perhaps made it a little easier to get through. It took 17 days to get through the Victor Hugo classic, but I cheated.

I'm very familiar with the musical and wanted to read this book so as to find out what happened 'in between' the characters' lives. For example, how did Jean Valjean become the mayor? Who was Fantine's lover and how did Cosette and Marius meet?

Thankfully this book was very well written and easy to read. It also had very descriptive sections about Waterloo and the history of some buildings etc, which I happily bypassed to get back to the characters (this was how I cheated).

I recommend Les Miserables to anyone wanting enlightenment into the lives of the characters. It makes me love the musical even more.

But if you're not keen on learning about the French sewers or the in-depth life of a priest then do what I did and skip those parts.

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