Interview nightmares: What do we do?

Last updated 05:00 15/11/2012

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Job interview nightmares

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After graduating I was applying for every appropriate job listed on the internet. I had a few weeks - maybe a month - to find a job, so I wasn't terribly fussy. I just needed something to make me some money.

One job, as an office assistant for a major company, caught my eye as it was sort of heading in the direction for the career I wanted.

Out of 170 or so applicants, I was on the short list with five others. I spent days before the interview preparing to sell myself, giving them all my finest attributes. I knew I had to make eye contact, not go off on tangents and give them accurate but great answers.

I'm not going to lie, I had it sussed.

The interview rolls around, it's going well, they are impressed with my previous work and studying history.

Then they ask me "So what do you know about ____?"

And you know what?

I hadn't even researched the company or what they do. I had no idea. I had to wing it judging by their name.

So I gave them a speech about what I thought they did, not really answering the question but sort of touching base. They thanked me and said they would be in touch.

I researched it when I got home - I was completely off the mark and I wasn't hired.

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