Job nightmares: Public relations turn pubic

Last updated 08:30 15/11/2012

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Oh, great lord almighty! The horror.

I  was in a rush and picked up my CV from the "expert", who assured me that all was in order.

I gave it a cursory glance and it looked good. In fact, it looked awesome. I appeared to be a bit of a star (well, hey, who doesn't embellish these things?).

I dropped it off with five minutes to spare before the applications closed, with a great sigh of relief.

Now it was time to sit back and wait for the call about the interview.

So I waited and waited and waited, and then checked the mail box.

There inside was my returned CV. With a large red felt pen circling a small but significant mistake. Apparently my strengths were in pubic relations NOT public relations.

The note from the prospective employer read: How nice for you!

Never again will someone else write my CV. Nor have I had the intestinal fortitude to enter that business premise in case they recognise me as the woman who professed to be so good at her job.

You win some, you lose some.

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