'Aggressive' boss too hard to please

Last updated 05:00 18/11/2012

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I have been for many interviews which I really enjoyed, but here is one I didn't.

The agency who sent me to this job had said the owner of the business was very aggressive and needed someone to calm her down and help make the business "friendly". It was a compliment to me, but I should have been warned.

When I arrived I was quizzed on why my car looked as though it had not been recently cleaned. I live in a rural area and have to drive dusty roads every day, so I explained that, to which she replied, "no excuses please".

While I was there a senior staff member came up the owner and told her he needed to go to the bank and get some more deposit slips. The owner proceeded to treat him in a most condescending and patronising manner. She told him he needed to get deposit slips and could he remember that, and also that he needed to come back as there was still and hour to go until close.

I was asked how creative I was and I told her that I had just finishing designing a wedding invitation for my friend. I had a copy with me which I showed her

When I returned home, the agency phoned and told me that the owner had told them that I had revealed personal details to her and that I should have been more discreet about my friend's invite. She thought the invite was creative but I should not have showed it to her

I didn't get the job - lucky me!

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