Everything was fine until my pants split

Last updated 05:00 18/11/2012

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My story begins with me being told the company in question would fly me from Christchurch to Auckland for a job interview. I had just graduated from engineering school at the time and was itching to kick-start my career.

In preparation, I got a hair cut, brought a suit to wear and started thinking about the types questions they would probably ask me. My flights were on time and problem-free, but everything turned south very quickly after my arrival in Auckland.

As I came off the flight I saw a chauffeur holding a sign with my name on it, so I introduced myself and we proceeded to walk to the car. I then went to sit down in the passenger seat and heard a loud ripping noise, which I realised was the stitching along the crotch of my trousers.

Two things immediately sprang to mind: a) I really should have brought an emergency change of clothes with me, b) I really shouldn't have worn my bright red underwear that day. Needless to say, the rip continued to worsen throughout the day.

After arriving at my destination, I was informed that they were running behind schedule, so I was given an impromptu tour of the building, where I was introduced to almost everyone else that worked there (my tactics were to let everyone else go before me and to stand with my back as much against the wall as possible). I also spent a long time in the lunch room trying to impress someone I thought was a senior staff member, but later found out they were one of the cleaners.

During the interview itself, nearly all the questions seemed completely unrelated to the job I had applied for. It wasn't until I was on my flight home that I noticed the job number from the interview was different to the job number of my newspaper clipping, and I had in fact been interviewed for a completely different position than the one I had applied for.

Despite all the set-backs, I still managed to get the job and now carry an emergency sewing kit with me at all times.

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