Interview nightmares: There goes the rug, again

Last updated 05:00 18/11/2012

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Job interview nightmares

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In 2008 I applied for a job with a Hamilton-based company. I was verbally offered the job and resigned my other job the next day. Big mistake.

The new people then rang up to renege on the offer, saying they preferred the other candidate.

Flash forward to 2012, same company (subsidiary of), new role, try to headhunt me.

I looked at the job description and verbally accepted, then they called to say I had to do a panel interview as per the HR process; they had jumped the gun in offering me the role and this was just process.

On the day of the panel interview they call me again to say the role is not available now and the would call me in January to re offer it.

I emailed them back and asked for a forward-dated contract so I could resign in December and have a bit of a break before starting the new role - no reply.

So, that's two times I'd committed myself to leaving my job of 10 years, a very difficult and emotional experience, and two times they pull the rug out after offering me the job.

I'm not sure I will be accepting their offer in 2013... if it ever comes.

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