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Last updated 05:00 19/11/2012

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A few years ago I decided to return to work following a long break from teaching. We had a non-refundable payment down on a house that we were hoping to buy and I was under a lot of pressure to get back into paid employment.

I was offered an interview with a company that I had previously worked for and that I really liked.

However, this didn't mean I wasn't still extremely nervous and unsure of my skills, having lost confidence after not working for so long. I dressed well and practised possible questions and scenarios they might put to me with my husband, and I went along hoping like heck they would appoint me.

The interview was with a panel of three and as we made our way through the questions I could see everyone relaxing and so I did also. I became more confident in answering the questions and started to relax and be more myself.

One of the panel talked about how the teaching team were all going to do the City to Surf fun run and they wondered, if I was appointed, if I would be interested in competing.

I found myself telling them about my experience of completing a half marathon years ago. During this particular run I became dehydrated. I was feeling very unwell and had already stopped at several portaloos.

I found myself desperate to go again and was a long way from the next toilet stop. I saw an elderly couple sitting on their fence and begged them if I could use their loo. They reluctantly said yes.

At this point I couldn't have cared if they were royalty, I had to use their throne! I ran in, found the toilet, exploded and ran out feeling much better. I ran past the old couple, thanked them but didn't make eye contact.

When I had finished telling my story I realised there was complete silence in the room.

Thankfully the head teacher burst out laughing.

It turned out they all had a great sense of humour and I got the job - but I have been more careful in later interviews to not get too comfortable in case any more stories emerge.

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