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Last updated 05:00 20/11/2012

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Job interview nightmares

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Some years ago I had a one-on-one interview with a pharmaceutical company which seemed to go well, with a couple of oddities.

As I took off my suit jacket the interviewer tried to spy the name on the label. He then tried again when I put my jacket on at the end of the interview. At the time I thought it was a bit strange, but chose to ignore it.

We finished the interview and then, much to my surprise, he followed me out to my car to see what sort of car I was driving.

Fortunately I had upgraded my car a few weeks beforehand so it wasn't too shabby, but the alarm bells were certainly ringing for me. Here was a person who was obviously focussed on image.

Anyway, he must have been impressed because I got the job. I accepted despite my fears because I had already quit my old job, not that I told him that!

The interview had made me wary and my fears soon came to pass as the honeymoon period expired.

The focus was not on results, but on how things appeared, which is not how a business should be run. I quit after six months and put it all down to experience.

And what happened to the pharmaceutical company? It no longer exists. So image isn't everything.

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