Interview nightmares: Sexism rears its head

Last updated 14:30 21/11/2012

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I was fresh out of high school, and not inexperienced in the employment arena. I'd held down two jobs and school since I was 15.

I decided to make a break, and move to another city to gain some life experience and have a good time while all my friends were starting to get tied down with university.

I got offered a job at a pizza outfit, and I was so excited to start and work in such a great firm. At first it was fantastic, the people were lovely and the work was exciting and I found I was really good at it. I knew they had a reputation of not doing things 'by the book', but I got a lot more than I bargained for during my trial period.

It wasn't an interview per se, but I was only there for a few weeks and had to leave my job (which I loved, and really needed to pay the bills) because my boss constantly sexually harassed me every shift.

He told me what pants to wear and how they made my ass look. He openly talked about mine, and the other girls, breast size. He told me he would 'punish' me for being late by taking me upstairs to where he lived in a flat above the shop. I told him to stop. Other staff members heard these exchanges on numerous occasions.

I contacted someone higher up to lodge a complaint, which was the biggest mistake I made. They brushed off everything with a "he has a weird sense of humour", "he's got some issues", "maybe this company's way of doing things doesn't suit you".

They covered it up effectively, and I never heard from them again. He got a smack on the hand, presumably.

I should have contacted a tribunal, and a lawyer. I heard from other colleagues that this wasn't the first time.

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