The creepiest interview ever

Last updated 05:00 24/11/2012

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Job interview nightmares

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One of the creepiest interviews I have ever had was when I was 21 and on my OE.

It was in the late 70s and I was being interviewed for a software developer role with a large luxury car manufacturer somewhere out of London. The venue was a motel room with two middle-aged men.

Being alone in a motel room with two strange men was kind of scary for a start, but I really needed the job as I had arrived in the UK with very little money and desperately needed work.

They began by asking me technical questions and then quickly progressed to asking inappropriate questions about my personal life.

Their final query on this subject was why I didn't have a boyfriend. I was really thrown by this as it was not the sort of questioning I was prepared for. As I was racking my brain as to what to say (or even if it was now time to walk out) one of the guys asked, "are you cold?".

Again, I was stunned and was about to get the hell out of there when he followed up with "if you are, I can always close the window". After that the rest of the interview continued somewhat normally.

I was not offered the job and I still am unsure whether they had already decided not to take a female software developer seriously - particularly one from the antipodes.

Strangely enough, my only other weird experience along similar lines was just two months ago here in New Zealand.

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