Interview nightmares: 'Um, cos I'm awesome?'

Last updated 11:35 23/11/2012

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I went to a job interview once at a very serious place of business. When I walked in, everyone had their heads down, or were deep in discussion about important work issues.

My interview was with the two serious-looking heads of department.

I was discussing a situation at my previous job when I had to deal with a difficult team member who I had hired, when I said, "sometimes when you hire someone, you have no idea what they're like until they are actually working for you."

To which the HOD replied, "so, what are you trying to say about you?".

Caught off guard, both due to his response and my utter stupidity in making the comment, I replied, "cos I'm awesome!" with a cheesy thumbs-up gesture. Cringe.

Luckily they both laughed, and I ended up getting job.

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