Job interview nightmares: I messed this one up...

Last updated 05:00 17/12/2012

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Job interview nightmares

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I was recently out of university and didn't quite feel like becoming the IT guru that I should have been after studying it for the past four years. I felt like travelling and exploring, but I needed funds to do this so I was kindly offered an interview by a friend at a large corporation which I had little respect for.

I thought I would go for the position. I didn't doubt my skills, but I was a little dubious about the company's ethical values.

The interview was secured. I dressed professionally. I had my CV all organised and everything was going according to plan. Once in the interview it was two on one. I was asked: "So do you think you can do this job?" To which my reply was a brief and quick "Yes! Seriously I have an IT degree and you guys don't think I can manage handling signing contract!s?"

The interview lasted a brief 15 minutes and I was feeling okay about it overall until my friend, who had organised the position for me, met me for a coffee to discuss how it all went.

The embarrassing part was that my friend then told me the interviewers had overheard our phone conversation a short 10 minutes earlier when I was asking my friend for tips on what they would like to hear during the interview!

Needless to say, I was not granted the position!

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