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I've been a tenant and a landlord: We all compromise

No-one wants to pay too much, no one wants a place less than ideal. The compromise is hard.

Dear New Zealand: What did Australia ever do to you?

An Australian grapples with NZ's love-hate relationship with its neighbour.

Migrating to New Zealand: The trade-off for a better life

Twelve years, four kids, four houses and four cars later, we know we're here forever.

Medical science: Embrace it, don't fear it

Something that can improve outcomes is to be treated with optimism, not reviled.

Lions Tour?: Could this be the year of the Lion?

Lions tours only roll around once every 12 years, making them a special event on the rugby calendar.

Your experiences with alcohol

Have the wild exploits of your youth influenced you to cut down your alcohol intake?

Weather photo of the week: Wondrous day on Waiheke


Waiheke Island, be prepared for an influx of Switzerlanders. They really like the view.

Pet of the day: George, our sassy puppy


Our 11-week-old puppy loves to tease our 2-year-old Tibetan terrier.

From the United States to Invercargill

Our kids won't experience the classic American milestones, but Southland really is a great place to raise a family.

Whiritoa Surf Club IRB trainer turns 88

Years ago they called the surf lifeguard Mr Goodie. But after 38 years on the beach, most just call him granddad.

Your mental health experience

Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental illness? Share your story.

Your rental property horror stories

Are your lips and fingers going blue? We want to hear your worst rental property horror stories.

Pros and cons of life in New Zealand so far

Pro: it is much easier to make friends in New Zealand than in Australia. Con: food is ridiculously expensive.

Pet of the Day: Wilhelmina, the bengal cat

Willa is a cat like no other.

Her little chirping meows make our house a home and we couldn't imagine being without her.

Anzac twist bread might be better than biscuits

An easy and delicious sweet twisted loaf studded with nuts and oats and smothered in golden syrup.

Your story of migrating to New Zealand

So you moved to New Zealand. Does it live up to your expectations?

Ageing and raging: When elders abuse

We all know about elder abuse. But what happens when it's the elders doing the abusing?

All Blacks Lions squad: Contentious calls and no-brainers

Most of the squad will pretty much pick itself, but there's bound to be a few contentious inclusions.

Shades of autumn in Christchurch

One of my favourite moments this autumn has been my sweet son running around on New Brighton Beach.

13 Reasons Why: A reality check

I was mortified by 13 Reasons Why, but not because I think it glorifies suicide. I was shocked by how real it was.

What's your home decor dilemma?

Sometimes making a decor or renovation decision is simply not simple.

Are you a stylish renter?

Are you managing to be on trend without being on the property ladder?

Flatmate or flat-hate?

Flatmates. You either love them or you hate them.

Your encounter with the other side

We want to hear the story of your encounter with the other side.

Do you live a minimalist lifestyle?

Do you live a minimalist lifestyle? Tell us why and how.

Do you have an Airbnb business in your home?

If you have an Airbnb business at home, we'd love to hear from you.

Pets of the day: Tui and Kowhai, thick as thieves

Tui and Kowhai

The pair turn heads on their morning walk.

Garage transformations - tell us about your fabulous garage

There's something intensely satisfying about an ordered garage - a place for everything and everything in its place.

Tell us your favourite DIY story

We would love to hear your DIY story. Is there a project you are especially proud of?

Why I love living in an old house

Do you live in an old house?

Have you gotten creative with a pallet?

We want to see what you did with a pallet, and we'd like to know how you did it.

Kiwis abroad - show us your cool home

This is a call out to all New Zealanders living overseas in an amazing home.

Pet of the Day: Patch, the lovable pooch

Patch and his lamb.

Patch is an SPCA dog who arrived in our family around seven years ago.

Mince and Twisties three ways pie

Buy a Big Ben mince pie and a bag of Twisties, and you've got yourself a three-course meal.

Australia's citizenship changes: 140,000 Kiwis set to be collateral damage

New Zealand's "special" visa doesn't deserve its name. There is nothing special about it.

Chickpea paste for breakfast? Yum

I call it "breakfast paste". Blend it all up and think of the protein gains.

New Zealand is where my heart is

I moved to Australia in 1986 - but New Zealand will always be where my heart is.

Tell us your speeding ticket shockers

We want to hear your most outrageous speeding ticket stories. Did the punishment fit the crime?

Super Rugby cull: Australian Rugby Union stuck in a hole of its own making

The decision to throw all their eggs in the Super Rugby basket is harming Australian rugby big time.

What's next for our digital future?

The job of the futurist is to consider what's next at a societal and system level. I have some ideas.

How a $30 fine became a threat of jail

I have managed to hide from the police for nearly 18 months, but it seems they have finally tracked me down.

Pets of the day: Freckles and Suzie are the best pets

Pets can be awesome. Pets can be even more awesome when they're sheep.

A world of wool and sheep. Freckles and Suzie are best friends even though they playfight a lot.

PR gets an 'unjustifiably' bad rap

Public relations people give advice we know is right, but sometimes it's not palatable to those whom we're advising.

Show us your Autumn colour

Send us your photos to show us how autumn has arrived in your neighbourhood.

Weather photo of the week: Surreal shades at dusk

Surreal sky

The hints of blue, green and mauve in the evening sky seem almost otherwordly.

Parenting is hard, we all have bad days

I know it was my decision to have children. You don't need to remind me every time my child does something you don't like.

New Zealand is the real land of opportunity

What I love the most about New Zealand is the lifestyle. I love the fact that I can work in the city and be surrounded by so much opportunity.

Lions strength and sentiment could make tour the best yet

Gatland has found the right balance between strength and sentiment, but is it enough to deny our dominance?

13 Reasons Why glorifies suicide in the worst way

13 Reasons Why attempts to shed light on an extremely sensitive subject, but just ends up glorifying it.

Pet of the day: Sniffing everything 101


My name is Miley, and I like sniffing things. Chillis? Utterly inedible.
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