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Review: Captain America: Civil War

Chris Evans

Superhero vs superhero movies are risque and if not executed perfectly could fall flat.

'These roads are the worst in NZ'

Are New Zealand's roads up to scratch?

We asked Stuff's readers to share the worst roads in New Zealand they had ever come across.

It's time to let the Warriors 'move on'


They made a poor decision and there were consequences.

Pet of the Day: Burfy the Bichon


Burfy is our six-month-old beautiful Bichon Frise baby, our little pride and joy.

Weather photo of the week: May 6, 2016

weather photo

When Tascha's husband sent her a message to say the fog was rolling in thick, she jumped out of bed and rushed to Mt Eden.

Reality TV: If you watch it, they will supply it

	 reality tv

Why are companies so eager to advertise on these shows? Because people watch them.

12 ways to find professional work while you travel

chloe milne

Don't believe the naysayers who say travel will adversely affect your career.

Mother's Day: 'Love your mum unconditionally'

mothers day

I never realised how much my mum meant to me until she was gone.

New Zealand roads little more than country lanes


NZ roads are not built to cater to heavy freight traffic, writes Steve Cockram.

Reality TV or reality check?



"Most, if not all reality programs are mindless, inane and decidedly boring and most people would rather watch paint dry."

Pet of the Day: And the Oscar goes to...


Life is all about work hard, play hard for Oscar.

New Zealand's worst roads

NZ roads

Have you ever come across a road in New Zealand left you shaking in your boots?

'Why Leicester City's win is the greatest story ever'


It just shows you that success can come even to the rejects.

Who's laughing now? Hamilton ain't so bad

Anzac Parade Bridge

House prices, parking charges, the creative arts, the rugby and more - what's not to love about the Tron?

What do you love about your city?


What do you love about your town or city and how can others make the most of it?

Tell us why your mum's the best

mother's day

It's time for us to give our mums the recognition they deserve. Why is yours the best?

We need a sugar tax - for manufacturers


We need a sugar tax, but it should be the manufacturers that are taxed, not consumers.

Pet of the day: Gracie the French bullpug

Gracie sulking

Gracie-May is a 22-week-old French bullpug who's a serial cuddler and sunbaker extraordinaire.

Guillermo Amor and the case for the marquee manager

Adelaide United manager Guillermo Amor celebrates with Craig Goodwin

Has Adelaide United made the case for the marquee manager as a building block for A-League success?

Futuristic novel stands the test of reading time

Dune book cover

Forget the awards, movie, sequels and prequels. Here's why you should read Frank Herbert's novel, Dune.

Is it time to vote off reality TV?

American Idol

Watching people attempt to cook, sing, fix houses or be ninjas is fun, but how much more can we take?

Living in an age of options and TV choice

The Great British Bake Off

We live in an age of options and choice. If you don’t like what’s on a channel, change the channel.

Obsessive fandom's frightening result of 'intense celebrity culture we live in'

Almost every major pop star today has an army of die-hard fans who often take their online abuse too far.

Pet of the Day: Charlie the binky bunny


When we first picked up our bundle of fluff, he clawed his way out to sit on my lap.

High and lows of living alone

Living alone

Do you love or loathe living alone? What are the best and worst things about having your own living space?

Is Hamilton really as dead as they say?


There's a list of words used to describe Hamilton. You've probably heard it all before, writes Ammon Leslie. But is it true?

'You've got to feel sorry for Aston Villa fans'

Aston Villa's Rudy Gestede

In light of Aston Villa's terrible EPL performance, David Lim looks at some of the worst team performances in sport.

What's your favourite book of all time?


What's that one dog-eared, well-loved book that you always return to when you need a good read?

Teach your kids to be money-smart

kids money piggy bank

What's the best way you've found to teach your children how to save and understand money?

Why the Warriors haven't let you down

Isaac Luke for Warriors


This isn't a club letting fans down, it's a club that's gone to great lengths to address issues preventing its success.

Pet of the day: Give rats a chance

Rats are intelligent, affectionate, clean, social animals that are completely misunderstood, says Sylvia.

Hilary Barry is leaving TV3, share your thoughts

The nation reacts to news Hilary Barry is quitting her job as the de-facto mother of the nation.

Why fans' faith in the Warriors is withering

Warriors coach Andrew McFadden

If Andrew McFadden's lost the faith of his players, it might be time to admit the obvious - he's not up to it.

The A-League’s having a party, but where was Wellington’s invite?

Roy Krishna of the Phoenix

This feeling of being left out is one Phoenix supporters know all too well at the moment, writes Darren Butter.

'Ban one dog breed and you might as well ban them all'


Any dog can be dangerous in uneducated hands, regardless of breed traits or public perception.

A case against legalising euthanasia


The idea of individuals deciding their own fate is flawed. It'll be a short journey from right to die to duty to die.

Weeks four and five: 'Friends' and '17.11.70'

Elton John

A reader reviews Elton John albums to distract himself during his cancer treatment.

NRL Warriors fans: Are you losing faith?


The Warriors' mantra for fans has always been to 'keep the faith', but do the players still have faith themselves?

Weather photo of the week: April 29,2016


I was putting out the rubbish bin, and the moon caught my eye.

History's on Leicester’s side for EPL win

Leicester City

Leicester City's long-suffering fans are holding out to see their team fulfil "the impossible dream".

How to be more successful in 10 minutes


If there’s anything we have in common in today's society, it is the desire to be successful.

Pantyhose disaster: My agonising job interview


Putting a huge ladder in her pantyhose led to an awkward job interview for this job seeker.

'Right to die' should not be a 'duty to die'

If euthanasia were legal in NZ, we would have to find a way to ensure it's in the person's best interest.

Uncertain drivers are the problem


The problem is the uncertain driver, who isn't brave enough to overtake the slow driver.

'I resented home-schooling but it was the best decision'


Home-schooling is not something that I ever wanted to do as a parent. But my son is thriving.

What's your top travel tip?


With the big OE in our blood, we can assume we're a nation filled with travel knowledge.

Pet of the Day: The world's one big playground for Clovis

Clovis is a much-loved family pet who thinks the world is one big playground. He's a very happy dog.

Pet of the day: 'Brooklyn changed my life'

Brooklyn's taught her human Mum patience, to keep food out of reach, and to always have a spare pillow!

None of us are perfect drivers


None of us are perfect drivers. Perhaps we all need to pull our heads in when we get behind the wheel.

Top 3 shocking performances by a Kiwi sports team


How does the Warriors' walloping compare with some of our worst performances?
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