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Staying at home was hard, but we've got no regrets

Kelli Pike and Ella

Ella will soon be at school. She seems too small and I’m not ready, yet am so ready. But I know she'll be fine and I'm excited about returning to work.

Tell us about your modern family

Grandparent family

The nuclear family is a thing of the past, according to new research. So, tell us, who lives at your house?

My first flat was so bad, mushrooms grew in our bathroom

Student flats are the worst

It's not just Scarfies who pay for damp, cold and unhealthy flats.

'Give us pain and crime-free lives'


NZ's marijuana laws make non-violent, non-criminal people comparable to high-risk offenders. It's archaic.

Housing crisis: Property isn't always the best investment

Housing crisis

Housing isn't the only market in which your money can grow.

Nuclear testing isn't a path to security and peace

Rainbow Warrior

Countries continue to possess and develop nuclear weapons for security in a fast-changing world. This is a travesty.

Pet of the Day: Shamrock, a beautiful spirit

Shamrock has a beautiful spirit

It’s difficult to explain how we came to fall so madly in love with him, but we did.

A mum with a masters


I’m much more focused on my work now that I have a baby.

'I'm sorry you can't ditch your traditions to become vegan'

What I experience is a form of social exclusion whereby I am asked to explain myself.

Don't apologise when you eat animal meat in front of me. Save it for the animals.

Week 22: Elton John's Ice on Fire

Elton John

Bruce Cushen is reviewing Elton John's albums to distract himself during his 30-week cancer treatment.

Focus on rental market to solve housing crisis


There are so many ways to reduce house prices that the real question needs to be which levers not to pull.

Pet of the day: My special companion Georgia


Georgia comforted me after my husband died. I would not have coped without her.

Weather photo of the week: Sunset at Lake Lyndon


Lake Lyndon near Christchurch puts on a stunning display for a landscape photographer.

Solve housing crisis with social policies, not market forces


Free market policies and investors are preventing our housing stock from being utilised effectively.

Returning to work after babies


What challenges did you face when returning to the workforce after having children?

Your worst flatting horror stories

cold flat

Indoor rain, load-bearing mould, and unhinged landlords, what was your worst flat?

Pet of the Day: Our Singaporean special


Hector's unique appearance is almost always a conversation starter.

Women, why aren’t you running for council?


What would make it easier for women to run for local government? Support. So how can we achieve this?

NZ's 'sevens sisters' put female athletes on the map

Womens sevens

Congratulations to our sevens sisters. You have represented New Zealand with pride and mana.

The irresistible Rio Olympics hooked me in the end


Naked coaches, discoloured pools, a horse with anxiety, a robbery that wasn’t - Rio had it all.

Pet of the day: Chi Chi, the cutest dog around


Cute Chi Chi loves to go walking and riding in the car with her head out the window.

What's in store for the 2016 Rugby Championships?

all blacks

Who will take home the rugby championships? Noel Burland shares his predictions.

Investing in the share market for plebs


Here's how to invest in the share market without being wealthy, or a financial wizard.

Five years on, Christchurch is still struggling


Five years on from the February 2011 earthquake, it feels like little has changed in Christchurch.

Exclusive Brethren follow the church, not God

Exclusive Brethren

When the Exclusive Brethren community becomes hostile, it is a nightmare of isolation and rejection.

Eliza McCartney stars in colourful, chaotic Olympics


Witnessing Eliza McCartney's remarkable bronze medal win was exhilarating, writes David Lim.

Pet of the Day: Escape artist Minu loves his tucker


Minu is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel with a love of food and napping with dad.

'Vaping means I'm smoke-free'

Teenage smoking

When my vape arrived, I quit that day. My current setup cost me just $30 and I've not smoked for four months.

My top five stop-motion movies


Ever since I saw little balls of clay manipulated into movement I’ve loved the hand-made style of animation.

'Protesters, stop bullying abortion patients'


Protesters with signs are not offering any realistic help to women with unwanted pregnancies.

Is abortion our final taboo?

About one in five pregnancies in NZ end in abortion, yet for many women it remains a secret. Why?

Be Stuff's wedding of the week


Tied the knot recently and want to share your special day? Show us each memory-making moment.

Pet of the day: Delilah and Puku are best mates


Delilah and Puku give us so much love and remind us every day to have fun and be playful ourselves.

Week 21: Elton John's Breaking Hearts


Bruce Cushen reviews Elton John albums to distract himself from his cancer treatment.

Thank you to my parents for walking away from the Exclusive Brethren

Oppression vs Freedom

I'm proud of my late parents who were able to walk away from the Exclusive Brethren.

Take some time to look to the heavens at night

Stargazing is a special hobby

You can reflect on the meaning of life by contemplating the infinity of space.

Weather photo of the week: Good morning from Governors Bay

Govenors Bay

I never get tired of the beautiful views from my home in Christchurch's Governors Bay.

I will never forget the baby I aborted


I have struggled at times with my own past decision to let my wee baby die early. Was I right?

Pet of the day: 'Mum reckons I'm lucky I'm cute'


Jak was sad, scared and abused when he was first adopted. Now he's loving and beautiful - and a bit naughty.

Animals don't deserve to die for us


I was rubbing my new friend's head where the bolt gun would eventually catch her. She is a being with feelings.

'I was kicked out of the Exclusive Brethren'

Exclusive Brethren

I'm still suspicious and pessimistic about human nature. I constantly expect the world to descend into anarchy.

Pet of the day: Sam's the man

Sam the cat

Sam is my loyal friend. He has stayed with me through my darkest moments and is beside me always.

Surfing, boarding, biking, slacklining, climbing - all in one day

OPINION: It's great to get out on the water, snow, mountains and rocks. All in one day? Exhausting but brilliant.

The Olympics have lost their sparkle

Rio opening ceremony

This year's Olympic Games have simply lost their appeal and I've found little motivation to watch them at all.

Pet of the day: My pack in their Adidog hoodies


With the winter weather upon us, my canine pack are happy in their new Adidog hoodies when they go to bed at night.

Latta's suicide show 'genuine, enlightening'

Nigel Latta

Nigel Latta’s suicide documentary goes a long way in clearing up many misconceptions.

Giving the gift of life through organ donation

Heart and organ donation

New Zealand has one of the lowest rates of organ donation. What can be done to change that?

Have you left a cult or religious sect?


We want to hear from Stuff readers who have experienced life in a religious sect or cult.

The commercialism of the Olympics puts me off


Today's highly-paid athletes don't inspire me like our past athletes who made many sacrifices did.

We need stronger animal welfare laws

Sheep grazing

We need Government action on animal welfare as too many animals are treated as economic units.
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