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Effective dog punishments don't need to be painful

Dog punishments do not have to be painful or scary to be effective, writes a professional dog trainer.

'Gypsy is our living classroom vacuum'


Gypsy comes to school most days and sucks up all our crumbs. She loves being patted and cuddled.

Finding the next Disney sidekick sequel


'Here's my list of the top five cartoon partners in crime that must step out of the shadows and into the spotlight.'

'Teasing, heightism drove me out of netball'


I was a skilled netballer, but my height meant I was teased and overlooked. It drove me out and still affects me.

'Brexit a backward step for humanity'


Evidence shows we're a species reliant on cooperation. Brexit has short-term benefits, but would be bad long term.

Week 13: Elton John's Rock of the Westies

Elton John

A reader fighting myeloma reviews Elton John's back catalogue, while raising awareness of his condition.

Weather photo of the week: Four seasons of a Central Otago tree


It took me a few years but I managed to photograph this Central Otago tree in all four seasons.

Pet of the day: Rocco is a small dog with a big heart


Sociable Rocco loves his walks, wind, rain or sunshine. He's a small dog with attitude.

Stop the nonsense, and leave Mike Hosking alone

I disagree with journalists and television presenters all the time. But I also believe in free speech.

Tech at work can be a wonderful cloud-based experience


Cloud software could mean the end of your technology headaches at work.

Crazy school rules designed to control


Uniforms may mean education takes second place, and political correctness comes first.

Averting New Zealand's approaching financial crisis

If left another year then a market collapse is nigh on certain with disastrous consequences for all Kiwis.

We need to up the quality of NZ tourism


NZ needs to push tourist itineraries beyond Christchurch, Queenstown, Auckland and Rotorua.

Pet of the day: Bruce, the kitten who changed colour

Bruce had to be fed with a bottle for the first few weeks of his life, after being abandoned.

Miaow! My name's Bruce the Cat. I was abandoned on the mean streets of Auckland when I was just a day old.

'We're selling New Zealand too cheaply'

The cost of a visitor visa must be raised to give government agencies more money for tourism.

Five things you need to know about Warcraft

I’m a Warcraft virgin, but I’ve got five points to help navigate your way through this fantasy world.

Graham the law office's dog worker


His primary duties involve greeting guests, document destruction and entertainment. He even has a business card.

'Mass shootings will be the norm in the US'

Guns America

"There will be more mass shootings in the US. They're already almost the norm. And they'll no longer be reported."

Pet of the day: Amazing Astro, our pedigree labrador


Friendly Astro loves posing for pictures and sleeping on our bed.

It's a wonderful, scary world outside of your comfort zone - go there

Girl adventure

Occasionally I'd edge a toe out of my comfort zone, but now I've jumped right out of it and I urge you all to do the same.

Dad wanted a boy, but sport brought us closer together


Sport was our mutually-frustrating common ground on the way to finding our feet as dad and daughter.

Tears at the school gate for my daughter with cerebral palsy


My daughter has many labels, but the term I use is a "different type of perfect" - because that is what she is.

Pet of the day: Shadow the cat


When we met at the SPCA, Shadow was tiny - 600g at most - but had an attitude I liked.

'My enemy looks and sounds just like me'


It's my daughter, and only her, who saves me from my enemy each and every time. She snaps me back.

'Veganism rejects violence towards animals within dairy and meat industries'


Animals aren't ours to use and my vegan lifestyle's proof we don’t need dairy, or any animal products, to live a healthy life.

Motherhood: There is no handbook


I was determined not to fail but the higher I set the benchmark, the easier it was to do so.

Your Facebook comment isn't helping combat depression


We need to show 'real life' support to friends who are struggling, not just in a Facebook comment.

More tourists than Kiwis: Send them to the regions


Spread tourists around by ensuring international flights head to Christchurch, rather than Auckland.

Pet of the day: My best mate Benny


Benny loves eating anything he gets his paws on, particularly watermelons or picking lemons off trees.

Bayfair's office dogs: Scruff, Layla and Zoe


We have the fortune to have three Friday office dogs, each with a wildly different personality.

More tourists than Kiwis: Can we cope?


4.5 million international tourists are expected to visit New Zealand in 2022. How will we cope?

Whisky the office husky


Whisky has been coming Contact Energy for three years and for the price of treats his attention is easily bought.

Smiling depression: A man's perspective


If you are hiding your mental illness, please call up your GP and make an appointment.

Organ donation: Start the conversation


You may have ticked the donor box but the decision to donate organs will lie with your family.

Week 12: Elton John's Here and There


A reader fighting myeloma reviews Elton John's back catalogue, while raising awareness of his condition.

My All Blacks picks for 2016

We're asking our readers to pick the All Blacks for 2016. Colin Macdonald shares his top team.

Pet of the day: Ollie is one cool ratbag

Ollie POTD


He'll do anything for a treat and is in fact a champion biscuit catcher.

Weather photo of the week: Rainstorm's a-coming

Auckland storm

I shot this brilliant rain shower and stormy-looking cloud over the North Shore.

Why I loved Castle but am happy to see it end



Right from the start Castle hit all the right notes with a perfect balance of banter, humour and clever scripts.

Is it time we burned our couches?

Burning couch

We happily burrow our faces into them, so let's review what gross things happen on your average couch...

We need to talk about mental illness

mental illness

It happens every day, maybe to your neighbour or workmate - why must we hide behind the curtains?

Pick your All Blacks 2016 team

Malakai Fekitoa

The All Blacks' season is under way. But what are your picks?

Pet of the Day: Caseyjones keeps us young


Caseyjones has more character than imaginable, is larger than life and very cute with it.

Kiwi rape victim: Supporting Brock Turner

Brock Turner rape

I believe a society that demonises rapists may actually perpetuate rape culture.

Americans 'brainwashed to fear everything'

Even Obama could not change US gun laws and he is supposedly the most powerful man in the world.

I'll never get over losing my father to suicide


My loving, full of life father took his own life two years ago. He was the one I least expected.

Pet of the Day: Chatty Karma Bean


Karma Bean is such a character. She is always very chatty, full of headbutts and hellos.

NZ's white gays must support our people of colour

This is not the first time that queers have been targeted en masse. It will not be the last.

Vinko the hospital dog is John's trusty sidekick


Vinko works at Tauranga Hospital as John Blakeman's eyes - but he's so much more than that.

'Not in my name. Not my Islam'


"Please don't let it be another shooting, and if it is a shooting please don't let the shooter be a Muslim."
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