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100 years on, curtain finally comes down as Paramount holds last ever screening

Last screening to be held on Monday night at 100-year-old Wellington cinema.

Pet of the day: Saving Jose the tabby

Jose became part of our family when he was abandoned by his old owners.

Pet of the day: Luna, the precocious pup

Six-month-old French bulldog Luna knows exactly how cute she is and loves nothing more than posing for a snap or five.

Weather photo of the week: Those hazy, lazy days of summer

I stopped to take in the view by Waiau Ferry Bridge on a balmy evening and became happily caught up in the hushed beauty.

Why can’t the Greens be more green?

The current Green Party movement believes environmentalism and social justice go together, but why? It's far from a match made in heaven.

Greed, not taxes, will ruin this country

Go ahead, complain about how difficult your life is and how hard done by you are. I'd rather be on the side of the people who give a damn.

Pet of the day: Three decades of dogs

After farewelling four sheepdogs in 35 years we wondered if all the grief was worth it. Then along came Ted.

How (not) to be a good human, according to The Block

Cheating is a virtue, lying is OK, rules are made to be ignored, and if you have the power, you don’t need to worry about playing fair.

Assistance dog helps wheelchair bound Kapiti youngster

Taffy the golden labrador is a welcome companion for six-year-old Waikanae boy.

Steve Hansen: You and Bill English have so much in common

Both men have unwittingly confounded the argument that one can be an superstar and a plain piece of office furniture at the same time.

Pet of the day: Mackie leaves his mark

Losing a pet can be as devastating as losing a friend or relative, especially when they go before their time.

As a reo devotee, I was blown away by the effort to give Māori a go

When I was younger my parents were adamant the Pākehā way was best. But languages unite people, and that's exactly what te reo has done.

Student's Passchendaele-inspired dress installed in the National War Memorial ahead of WOW

Centenary of NZ's darkest day is marked in an unconventional way - through fashion.

NZ election: Less than a week out and I'm still undecided

When I compare Labour and National, and cut through the scaremongering and spin, I'm ultimately faced with just one real decision.

Pet of the day: My labrador was meant to live forever

We shared so many adventures. So many sunsets on the beach and sunrises too numerous to count.

The first rule of parenting club: Never judge another parent

Before you roll your eyes at a parent struggling to deal with a public toddler meltdown, remember: One day, it will be you.

Pet of the day: Slash, the fluff monster

She may look cute and cuddly but beware, Slash has been known to lash out if you pet her too much.

Taaniko and the taonga of te reo: How a four-year-old changed my life

A little girl - let's call her Taaniko - introduced me to te reo, and unwittingly changed the trajectory of my life.

Pet of the day: Missy the office dog

Surely every office in New Zealand would benefit from the addition of a doggo?

Weather photo of the week: Rainbow brightens up a grey day in Nelson

Nelson's normally known for its sunshine, but it took a stunning rainbow to brighten up this grey day.

Cheating 'rampant' thanks to NCEA, former teacher says

NCEA has created so much pressure that even if you're a straight-A student, it's still not enough.

Time to lower the voting age in New Zealand?

With some already predicting an election "youthquake", imagine the impact of lowering the voting age to 16.

Learning te reo: My pathway out of shame

Learning te reo Māori was my pathway out of years of shame and helped me discover my true identity.

Pet of the Day: Bambam - Gone but not forgotten

Bambam was my best mate, loyal and loving. There will never be another like him and I miss him every day.

Pet of the Day: 80s throwbacks Humphrey and Winnie

These two brothers from different mothers are dead ringers for two Hollywood stars from the 1980s.

Dear ex-lover: A plea from Trade Me

After a brutal break-up, Trade Me tries to woo a once-loyal lover.

Pet of the day: Beau, the suitcase stowaway

After being separated from his owners one too many times, Beau decided to get on the case, literally.

We should be ashamed of the NZ our kids have to live in

It’s time to stop being so bloody single-minded and think about the place our children will call home.

Pets of the day: Monty and Harry, my heroes

Who needs kids around the house when you've got dogs?

Pets of the day: Junk food duo, Donut and Sir Dorito

This junk food duo are the best of friends.

Weather photo of the week: Lake Heron, majestic mirror

On a beautiful spring day, the reflections in the still lake were picture perfect.

Why I learned te reo Māori

We want to hear your stories of what te reo means to you.

Pet of the day: Nala, my beautiful green-eyed Bengal

Budding model and motorist Nala co-ordinates her car to her eye colour.

Design Space: Yolanda O'Neill's kitchen was a 'labour of love'

"Draw me the kitchen you want," he said. Then he made it for her.

Dear Trade Me, it's time to break up

Your love is fickle and fleeting - this relationship has to end.

Police seek information from witnesses of Pareora crash

Police are seeking witnesses to a fatal crash at Pareora on Saturday.

Pet of the day: Never a dull moment with Burtie around

This Foxdoodle pup thinks everyone should be his friend and is still learning that not everyone wants to be.

Your questions on diversity in business

A group of NZ s most influential business leaders are gearing up to host a special event aimed at changing the make-up of Kiwi businesses. How diverse is your workplace? 

We won't fix our waterways until we deal with 'dirty dairying'

Intensive dairy farming is the main source pollution in NZ's waterways. It's time we wound it back.

Pet of the day: Harry the talking cat

No one ever believed my ginger cat said "mum" but now everyone has heard it with their own ears.

Amid the controversy, let's remember the real heroes of Afghanistan

The controversy around NZ's operations in Afghanistan has led to the heroic work of our troops being ignored or overlooked.

Give young voters a voice: Break the cycle of mutual neglect

Young people don’t vote because politicians ignore them, and politicians ignore young people because they don’t vote.

Pet of the day: My girlfriend's only with me for my dog

The first few dates with me and my girlfriend involved Oscar. After that, things just weren't the same.

Staying positive after the heartbreak of two miscarriages

Miscarriage number one broke my heart; miscarriage number two shattered my confidence. But I'll keep trying.

Urban ski lodge dream inspired Laingholm makeover

Robert Bruce has transformed his West Auckland home from a 1960s time capsule into his dream ski lodge. Here's how.

How should boomers vote after living the Kiwi dream?

How should boomers who worked hard all their life to buy a home vote in this month's election?

Pet of the day: Molly the purring Persian

This chinchilla Persian must be the only cat I know that plays fetch with a toy mouse as if she was a golden retriever.

Weather photo of the week: A snowy sunset over Queenstown

A worker at the Cardrona skifield shares his view of a stunning Central Otago sunset.

Are you future-proofing your fertility?

We're seeking stories from young people who have a plan for making babies in their future.

We need a vote of no confidence

Voters who want to dissent should still have their voice counted.