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Make your vote for a fair referendum

Five flag options

'I love that we get a say and that our votes matter. Have your say. Make it a fair debate.'

What makes your neighbourhood great?


Share the secrets that make your neighbourhood or suburb so awesome.

Top 5 comments: Spider domestic abuse

A man was shouting "I'm going to kill you, you are dead" and there were high-pitched screams...

If you settle for less that's what you get

The 'White Koru on Blue Background' by John Hyndman of Canterbury like so many excellent designs was overlooked by the selection committee.

If you use Maori elements in your flag you should do your research thoroughly. Make sure you understand.

Review: Settling The Score Live 2015


The Auckland Philharmonia navigated its variegated programme with their usual aplomb, writes Takeshi Ito.

All you need is love?

Father and son

Could love be the answer to keeping our kids safe from harm and neglect?

Pet of the day: A day in the life of Quintin

Quintin won't leave your side if you're feeling down, and will bounce around with you if you're happy!

Weather photo of the week, Nov 26, 2015

Spring has sprung in Paul Gee's shot of flowers in the morning light at Christchurch's North Hagley Park.

Top 5 comments on drivers using phones

"Why do we need to crack down on anything? Shouldn't the cops be enforcing laws all the time?"

Win a $5000 Christmas wish

Christmas wish

As the festive season approaches, we're looking to make someone's Christmas extra special - it could be you!

Do you know an amazing Christchurch volunteer?

Are you a volunteer helping to make Christchurch a better place? Or do you know someone who is?

'We were frequently told to keep what we saw quiet'


'The damage to many young lives could have been greatly reduced if adults had been brave enough to speak out.'

Vibrant city with focused, visionary leaders

Lianne Dalziel and Gerry Brownlee

'I want a vibrant city where the council is able to leave politics and agendas at the door.'

Pet of the Day: Gizmo and Pirate

Gizmo and Pirate.

They get a lot of attention. A 10 minute walk to the shop can take least half an hour.

Top 5 comments on pool rule breach

It may be a long, and torturously dry, summer for one Palmerston North family.

We should give flag money to the poor

Surely this money needs to be spent on housing, clothing and feeding our nation.

Five books every woman should read


These are women's stories, by women, for women. And they might change your life.

'I was being abused, and no-one spoke up'


There were many signs I was being abused. No one did anything. I was let down.

Have you been harmed at the beauty salon?


Have you suffered any serious medical harm because of a beauty treatment? What happened?

'Scare tactics make life with HIV harder'


"HIV scares people too much, when there really isn't that much to be scared about."

How can we make Christchurch great?


Do you have ideas on how to make Christchurch a great place? Share them with us.

Pet of the Day: Louie Boult


Meet Louie Boult - his dad is a famous Black Cap, and his biggest passion is sport.

Top 5 comments on car park Samaritan

A Christchurch man's good deed in a car park struck a chord with many Stuff readers.

The best Hollywood remakes of foreign films

Hollywood remakes of foreign films don't always go to plan, but Clayton Barnett's rounded up some classics.

'Revolving door' families drive child abuse

If we really want to address child abuse in New Zealand, we need to face an uncomfortable truth.

We must control our anger to keep kids safe

In New Zealand, to admit you have a problem, is seen by many as a sign of weakness.

Power or Piety: What is Isis fighting for?

The sooner we recognize that ISIS is fighting for power, not piety, the quicker we can find a path to peace.

This year, let's spread Christmas cheer


After Tania Carmichael's daughter helped families in need, her family was encouraged to give back.

Pet of the day: A feisty furbaby


Maggie is a foster cat with a penchant for chasing other felines and sleeping.

Top 5 comments on Lord's Prayer ad ban


The banning of a religious advert intended to be shown before a Star Wars movie triggered debate on Stuff.

Review: Chef's Table

chefs table

Netflix doco Chef's Table examines issues surrounding food in a palatable way.

Jonah Lomu: Runaway train

How can it be that the man who made the impossible possible is gone at just 40-years-old?

Terrorists exploit our weak spots

If our militaries have become useless against terrorism, it is time to restructure.

Can Leicester win the English Premier League?

They're on top for now, but do Leicester City have what it takes to win the EPL?

How do you keep your home safe and secure?

Breaking in

Have you been burgled? What happened and do you have any home security tips that may help others?

Macro photography: Near to nature


There's another world when you look closer and Dakyun Kim has seen it through a lens.

Pet of the Day: Rosie is Santa’s little helper


It hasn't been a ruff year for Rosie, but she's already counting down for Christmas.

Random act of kindness served up in a cup


Kellie Bowman-Dyer got an extra buzz from her morning coffee thanks to the kindness of a stranger.

All Blacks: A tribute to Richie McCaw and Jonah Lomu


In this sad and reflective time, a tribute to two great All Blacks seems fitting.

Review: What Happened, Miss Simone?

	 Nina Simone

Nina Simone aspired to be a classical pianist but this turned into a tragedy.

Faces of Innocents: Give them a voice


Can you help us to tell the stories of the Faces of Innocents? Did you know any of them?

Red Peak: A flag for all New Zealanders

red peak

"A flag that suggests our heritage, represents who we are, and will guide us as we steer our country into the future. "

What can be done to keep Kiwi kids safe?


What do you think are the biggest contributors to child abuse and neglect in New Zealand?

Top 5 comments on Key/Obama bromance


Here are the best reactions to the Obama-Turnbull exchange on John Key.

Opinion: There is no such thing as the 'perfect flag'

It’s impossible to design a perfect flag, so you really ought to not bother.

'Our lives were changed forever'


It began with a headache. Twenty minutes later Anna's husband was unconscious.

Pet of the day: Two cuddly boxers

	 Pet of the day

Indie and Mila love chasing shadows and squeezing on the couch for hugs.

Weather photo of the week: Nov 20, 2015


A reader shares her West Coast weather photos with a friend away at sea.

Top 5 comments on Jonah Lomu

Since the news broke of the death of Jonah Lomu, Stuff has received hundreds of messages of grief.

Jonah from Tonga didn't deserve the criticism

Jonah from Tonga was a thoroughly thought provoking show and quite poignant at some moments
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