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Pet of the Day: Jack Sparrow kicking back in a kava bowl


When he isn't chilling in the bath or his kava bowl, Jack lives up to his name by causing trouble.

Not much needed to fix the Nix


They could almost do it with two players: Nikolai Topor-Stanley and Albert Riera.

How to find the perfect woman


The harder you try, the more unappealing you appear. Desperation never looks nice.

What are your Christmas traditions?


Do you prefer classic traditions or a Kentucky Fried Christmas?

Sirens and apps won't fix NZ's Civil Defence problems


The thinking that arises post-disaster is that the disaster itself can be managed. It can't.

Keep the Phoenix in Wellington


The Phoenix were already on the back foot before Ernie Merrick quit as coach.

Pet of the Day: Bear the goofy goldendoodle


Introducing Bear, a year-old pup who likes clowning around and meeting new people.

How would you change the Nix's fortunes?


How would you change the Phoenix's fortunes now Ernie Merrick has resigned?

Biking son races father in wheelchair

Father son

This father and son's school run involves racing on their separate sets of wheels.

'My son learnt to cross the road alone'


Once he made it, he stood up, dusted off his knees and gave me a thumbs up.

Lessons on alcohol during the school run


Peeking in the neighbours' recycling bins, my daughter asked if they were alcoholics.

Pet of the Day: Mabel the Z-list celebrity


Meet the pet who is fast becoming a Z-list celebrity in Wellington.

'Life is definitely better by bike'


Unless there is heavy rain or stupidly strong Palmy winds, Joshua bikes to school.

Pet of the Day: Canela the Contortionist

Canela the contortionist

Canela grew quickly and began sleeping in strange positions on her back.

Weather Photo of the Week: Sunset at Shelly Bay

Shelly Bay

When he took the photo, he knew it was the one. It's just about capturing the moment.

Pet of the Day: The puss with personality

Pepper puss

I love to chase and fetch a little tinfoil ball up and down the hallway!

When walking home from school, rain can be fun

Puddle splashing

He started laughing when we started jumping in puddles.

Walking with my son give us space to clear our heads

Walking to school

My son and I talk about all sorts of things as we walk to and from school.

Win: One of 20 scooters with your tales from the school run


Share your school run tales - the good, the bad, the quirky - for a chance to win one of 20 Micro scooters.

Euthanasia will be legal, but it should be legal now


It is not up to the society in which I live to tell me how to die - it is my life and my body.

Pet of the Day: King Henry


Cat royalty King Henry graciously lets us glimpse into his pampered life.

Housing bubble: Your stories of housing heartbreak

Housing bubble

If there is a housing bubble, what would happen to you if it burst?

Housing bubble: How can we fix the housing crisis?

Property, real estate, house

What needs to be done to solve New Zealand's housing crisis? Share your views with us.

Lewis Hamilton's behaviour makes Nico Rosberg a more likeable champion


Lewis Hamilton's behaviour at the season-end race in Abu Dhabi has split racing fans.

Eating disorder hell: I was trapped in a prison of my own creation

	 eating disorder

There is absolutely nothing glamorous about anorexia. It's a tangled web of lies and deceit.

My world rugby 'team of the year' - do you agree?


Seven All Blacks make Fraser Proctor's starting XV for "world team of the year". Do you agree?

Pet of the Day: Fletcher Evans is a corgi with style


Fletcher is a sixteen month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi destined for a modelling career.

The first steps in dealing with depression are the hardest


Seeking help with depression is OK and the more we realise that, the healthier we'll be.

When dogs attack each other in a park, who's liable?


If your dog gets injured in a fight with another dog, you should be liable for any costs of your own pooch.

Portrayal of Donald Trump's 'sore winners' underlines media bias


The fact his supporters are seen as "sore winners" merely underlines the media's anti-Trump stance.

Jude Law may have found his perfect role in 'The Young Pope'


REVIEW: Jude Law used to be too handsome for serious drama. But now he's nailing it.

The trendsetting F1 star: Ode to Jenson Button


Former World Champion Jenson Button has hung up his helmet, but he was a pioneer in the sport.

The dentist's - aka the 'Murder House': a skeleton that needs to go back in the closet

Dentist strap

As a dentist, it used to bother me that people would dread coming to see me. But I should be thanking them.

We need to clean the swamp, not drain it

	 kelli pike

We're a small and progressive nation who can fix a broken toy without throwing it against the wall.

Pet of the day: Teddy the gardening terrier


Teddy likes to relax on the couch when he isn't pottering in the garden or making new friends.

'Endometriosis is debilitating, but has limited visible symptoms'


Some women's pain is so extreme they are bedridden for up to a week every month.

All Blacks' successful 2016 season not without its talking points


They won 13 out of 14 test matches, losing only one match against Ireland.

Ban all firework displays in rural areas


The silly season around Guy Fawkes goes on for weeks and weeks.

Hopes Trump's victory gives freedom to be anti-equality and diversity

donald trump

I hope Trump's victory means those of us who reject the liberal dogma of our time, and who have been silenced, can speak out and stand tall.

Breaking free from my killer father's shadow

Man dog forest

For years I looked in the mirror and feared I would be like my father - a killer.

Sisters make long walk to school as bikes aren't 'cool'

Teenage girls

My girls both had bikes, but chose to walk the 12-kilometre round trip to school and back.

Weather photo of the week: A beautiful post-quake sunrise

Earthquake sunrise

This sunrise photo captured something to be grateful to Mother Nature for.

Pet of the day: The hen with a puppy as a 'son'

Aunty Mamma

Aunty Mumma started started sitting on the pups when their mum was away from them and defending them.

How to correct and train a 'dominant' dog


Dog dominance issues? They don’t need fixing. Plus the problems likely have nothing to do with dominance.

Pato the kitty, our walk-to-school guide

School walk

One of our cats Pato started leading all six of us down the path, his tail in the air, as we headed towards school.

Overseas student loan defaulters must drop 'entitlement factor'

Graduate piggy bank

If you move overseas with a student loan owing and choose not to pay it back, you should hang your head.

It's not a housing crisis, it's an immigration crisis

Housing crisis

None of the housing solutions will work, as long as we are importing more people than we can build housing for.

'My dad preaches to prisoners and it's not brainwashing'

Prisoners pray

Surely it's good that prisoners who accept Jesus don't often reoffend, regardless of whether God's real or not?

US election: Liberals 'don't get it'


They believe in safe zones, cry-ins, and they warn people before daring to voice an opinion that may offend.

Pet of the day: Punk the pumpkin patch kitty


Punk was a wild kitten who fell in love with our cat Lucas, following him everywhere and cleaning him from head to toe.
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