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Was pregnancy the worst experience of your life?

Kim Kardashian West says she hates being pregnant. Did you? Why?

Letting a good friend go



What is forgivable and what is not in a friendship spanning 22 years? The heart-breaking question.

My shadow weighs a tonne


I live with a pain I cannot escape. I feel limited, vulnerable, listless and useless.

Let's talk about suicide


Our national suicide rates continue to climb. What can we do?

Unabashedly Single: Four years in


My time as a singleton has taught me more about myself than any of my relationships ever did.

Pet of the Day: Jasper and Nellie


Jasper is a wonderful and intelligent maremma sheepdog, who has a friend called Nellie.

Top 5 reader comments on baked beans

Under-sized baked bean and spaghetti cans really got our readers talking.

Why the Rugby World Cup semis will be an all-southern affair

How far can form team Australia go?

As the real business of the Rugby World Cup commences, the northern teams face an uphill climb.

Nothing in our flag represents New Zealand

New Zealand's current flag will be up for vote in a referendum.

I'm 14 and can't vote for the flag, but I care about our country and want my voice to be heard.

Banned novel Into the River well-written but 'disturbing'

She's no prude, but Kathryn Wright believes Into the River should have a minimum age.

The TPPA and the misinformed

"Well, the TPPA deal has just been signed. We can now all take our heads out of the sand and see the sun."

Rugby World Cup: Have a little faith in the All Blacks

All Blacks

"Three games into the 2015 Rugby World Cup is not the time to panic or lose faith."

TPPA: What do you think now?

Do we know enough to judge it already? Or is everything still too much of a secret for now?

Be Stuff's pet of the day

pet of the day

Got an amazing pet? Send us your photos and show them off via Stuff Nation.

'US won't admit gun problem exists'

The problem with guns in America is that many US citizens won't admit they even have a problem.

Pet of the Day: Marvellous Millie


Millie the lovable cocker spaniel adores sleeping and giving unwanted kisses.

All Blacks selectors made cardinal errors for Rugby World Cup

We have the players - I just don't think we have the right selectors to complement that talent.

Born too soon: 'I knew something was not right'

Home alone, 25 weeks pregnant and having bad pains, Melissa Moe knew something wasn't right.

Top 5 reader comments on Tourism NZ's wrong-way driving blunder


"They need their eyes tested and the GM who authorised it should be on a road trip themselves."

Kiwis, where's our compassion for England?

We've been in England's shoes before. We know their pain, so why are we are being so arrogant?

Are the All Blacks struggling?

Many of our older All Blacks are looking vulnerable. Are you feeling confident or concerned?

Kiwi foodie's San Francisco travel tips

A Kiwi food lover gives us the lowdown on her top tips when dining in San Francisco.

'Singledom does not define me'


"I have tried relationships and being on my own, and I have truly found what works for me."

Premature baby girl weighing less than 1kg proves she's a fighter


"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."

'Fear makes for good profits and good gun sales'


Many say Americans have a love affair with guns but Mike Buckley thinks it's an abusive relationship.

M.E has stolen much of my life

I've been told there is no cure

I have myalgic encephalomyelitis. I've been told there is no cure, "I just need to find ways to manage."

Pet of the Day: Delightful Daisy


Daisy the border collie loves going to the dog park and running around with her friends.

Early detection may have saved my life


If I had waited until my mammogram was due, I might not be here today.

My little boy was determined to enter the world early


I went into labour at 28 weeks, but as a first time mum I didn't realise what was happening.

I got served broccoli for breakfast

A plane passenger tries to game the airline food system, and fails miserably.

'Travelling is not dissimilar to Tinder'


The deepest irony of solo travel is the constant search for a place like home and people who feel like family.

Five of the best Matt Damon movies

Matt Damon

In honour of Matt Damon's stellar performance in The Martian, here's a rundown of his other top performances.

Can Arsenal's pace outrun Manchester United's possession?


After a recent flurry of goals in the EPL, Mark Kessell makes his picks for this weekend's big winners.

'Fear' driving US gun problem

Americans' need for guns and their willingness to use them is predicated upon a culture of intense fear.

Top 5 readers comments on Harvey Norman

Hundreds of Harvey Norman customers were irate over a glitch. Some readers want them to get over it.

International vote on NZ flag throws up surprising winner

New Zealand flags

When Kiwi teacher Jimy Mason asked his students to vote on a flag for NZ he was surprised by the results.

Mammograms: Flaws in the programme

If you have a breast abnormality, you are treated like a sausage being processed through a machine.

How can the US solve its gun problem?


America has a problem with mass shootings. Why can't it solve it?

Have you been saved by a mammogram?


Finding cancer early through a mammogram can mean the difference between relief and despair.

Weather photo of the week: Oct 02, 2015

Perfect conditions for winter paddle boarding on Lake Tekapo, albeit warmer in the water than out!

Pet of the day: A rabbit that likes to relax

Yulia Krismon's bunny is only two months old and loves chilling out in his new home.

Rainbow magic spreading across NZ

As the weather's dithered over whether to rain or shine, rainbows have been popping up all over the country.

Travel and activities key in new life as stay-at-home dad

Matt Colville and son Jude

As a stay-at-home dad, having something planned every day is reassuring, writes Matt Colville.

England's fall from Rugby World Cup contenders to underdogs

Despite a shaky start to England's RWC campaign, James Mangin warns against dismissing them too soon.

Top 5 reader comments on Beaver's boots

Does Stephen Donald need to pack his boots for the Rugby World Cup? Here's what our readers reckon.

'We've been told the pain is all in our head'

A married couple struggle daily with chronic pain, and nobody seems to understand.

Have you cut sugar from your diet?


We'd like to know if you've cut sugar from your diet, why you did it and how it went.

MP: I'm walking the talk on sugar

jenny strap

Manukau East MP Jenny Salesa says she needs to be an example to her community.

Siberian hostel sparks global romance


Their love of travel brought them together, then kept them apart. But where there's a will, there's a way.

When bosses go bad

Bad bosses

From name-calling and throwing things to stealing your ideas, tell us about your worst bosses.
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