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Is Auckland's franchise singing the Blues?

Jimmy Cowan

The Blues have signed Jimmy Cowan for next year's campaign. Was it a smart move?

Top five reader comments of the day

Nude rugby player

There's nothing like a bit of unexpected nudity on TV to get readers going in today's top comments.

Are your pets bessie mates?

goat cat

There's nothing cuter than an animal friendship, and it's even better when they're from different worlds.

You don't have to live like a student to save

Chicken and egg

Growing veges, having your own chooks and selling unwanted stuff online are great starters for savings.

An idea to 'change our society for good'

House keys

Imagine our economy if young couples didn't need to bust their guts to buy a first home, writes Alan Peacock.

This is how we can make our roads safer


Scrapping the restricted licence and zero alcohol rule for young drivers are just part of John Clarkson's plan.

Preparation over skill gives ABs the edge

The All Blacks performing the Haka.

It's not a massive skills advantage that gives the All Blacks the edge, it's all in their match preparation.

Giving an animal in need new life


This rescue pet owner's life was changed through her love of dogs who needed help.

From hand to mouth to homeowner

A house

Before the current government I was living hand to mouth, now I'm a homeowner and looking to buy again.

It was easier to drink than deal with life


It was quite simple, it was easier for me to drink and get drunk than it was to deal with life.

Are you ready to make a change?

Getting fit

We would all like to get fitter, lose weight, drink less. Now is the time to do it, and share your journey.

Imagining the tension filling the night sky


Jonathan Manning's stunning shot at Godley Head is named after his Aunty who was stationed there in WWII.

These are a few of my favourite things

Family time

Never mind whiskers on kittens, for Cheryl Lockhart it's all about family, friends, movies and laughter.

Cat's back after years as if nothing happened


Jodie Clarke's cat Sam disappeared for four years, but came back and slotted in like he'd never been away.

Top five reader comments of the day

Edward Snowden Moment of Truth

It may not surprise you to discover that politics is a dominating force in today's top reader comments.

Which foods are super for you?

A fruit and vegetable stall

Has a super food made a huge impact on your health and wellbeing? Share the benefits with others.

Beauty of the night over Breaker Bay

Lots of patience and a decent tripod are key to getting a good shot of the night sky, says Bruce Mackay.

A furry source of happiness


What makes me happy? Coming home, after a long day at the office, to four little furry faces.

New Zealand's biggest asset is its people

Many hands

The average Kiwi is struggling, but there are good people out there and you need to pull together, not pull apart.

Giving with one hand, taking with the other

House keys

Migration and a housing shortage have increased the value of our home, but we're worse off day to day.

'Powerless' to stop mum drinking


When my mum relapsed into alcohol dependecy nothing could have prepared me for the emotional rollercoaster.

Memories that shaped me for a lifetime


'Magical' and 'inspiring' are words that come to mind when I recall my childhood with my grandparents.

Here's to the happy pregnancies

Pregnant woman with clock

If it weren't for the bulging tummy, I could have occasionally forgotten I was growing a little person in me.

Can English club reign in Champions League?

Diego Costa

English clubs have struggled in the Champions League for years - but will things change in 2014?

The rule for achieving everyday happiness


My mother frequently reminds me of this oft forgotten but easily attained key to everyday happiness...

'Money-grabbing ethos' rules NZ

Generic money

New Zealand used to be a low cost, low wage economy. What happened? asks immigrant Nick Wall.

Top five reader comments of the day

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dot Com's proposed big reveal tonight has our readers weighing in on corruption, spying and spanking.

Who's the baddest Bond villain of all?

Few franchises have captured the essence of evil like the Bond villain. Who was the best of all time?

Photo assignment: Oh starry night

Paul Wilson

We're looking for reader photos revealing what many of us miss when we're tucked up in with our eyes closed.

WIN: Take the stuffed no more challenge

treadmill prize

Make a three-month pact for positive change and you could win a treadmill worth $3000.

Six simple ways to be happy


Life ain't fair. So stop dwelling and start focusing on the little things that up your happiness factor.

Tough Boks will make All Blacks better

All Blacks Keiran Reid

Did we really play poorly and win or did we return fire, show courage and play better than our opponents?

Happiness is only 100 words away


What makes you happy? Share your instant feel good tips to help bring a smile to the faces of others.

The e-stalking stage of motherhood


A little technology is all it takes to be able to stalk our children. And that's not such a bad thing.

An embarrassing wee problem


Talking of embarrassing moments, did anyone else wet their pants in primary school or was it just me?

Chef flick has the recipe for success

An extraordinary feel-good movie that will have you coming back for more, writes Peter Pluymers.

Little things add up to big savings

piggy bank no money

The cost of living may be high, but there are always little things you can do that add up in savings.

I hate alcohol, but not enough to stay away


I can't live with alcohol, yet I can't live without it. It's insanity and I hate it, but not enough to stay away.

Well and truly rocked by Queen


There will never be another Freddie Mercury but Queen (and Adam Lambert) can still rock you.

NZ Warriors, a small win for a losing club

Nathan Friend

Analysis of Warriors' seasons since 1998 reveals their ninth placed finish this year is not all bad news.

Every student deserves to be heard

A teacher writes on a blackboard

"Harden up" just doesn't cut it for the students who need a little help in building their self-belief.

Your analysis: All Blacks vs Springboks

Aaron Cruden

The All Blacks' test against South Africa was a blockbuster, but how did you rate the performance?

Forced to give up on owning our home


Under the current government, our pay hasn't kept up with the cost of living and owning our own home is out of reach.

Chelsea on a mission to stay ahead in EPL


As Chelsea prepare to take on joint EPL leaders Swansea, Mark Kessell shares his match predictions.

Say thanks to a good samaritan

Nellie Hunt and John Beattie

Ever been touched by the kindness of stranger or good samaritan? It's time to say thanks.

Top five reader comments of the day


It's not just the latest edition of Elle that Lorde's gracing the cover of, she's also the face of today's top comments.

Has the government made you richer or poorer?

Money being taken from a wallet

After six years of the current government, is your family reaping the rewards or struggling to cope?

Addiction struggle sparks fear of forever


It's not socially acceptable to smoke rock from a pipe at work functions, but drinking to excess can go unnoticed.

Your favourite family recipes


Do you have a recipe passed down through your family? Go on, share it with us.

Jaws is Bond baddie with extra bite

Richard Kiel as Jaws

For Mike Collins, there's only one Bond villain with a steely grip on being the baddest of the bad.
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