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We need journalists who'll challenge our leaders

John Campbell

Without good journalism, Aotearoa will never become the nation it has the potential to be.

EPL relegation battle finale

Hull City

It's the end of the season. The only thing that matters now is who will fill the final relegation spot.

Religion in schools: Value reason over faith


Religion can be useful for teaching children to play nice, but it can't be so black and white.

Top reader comments

After a week of weighty issues, readers appeared to be looking for something more frivolous to comment on.

'Dangerous people need to be removed from the roads'

Bad drivers

Penalties for breaking rules and deliberately putting lives at risk should be more severe, says David Wardley.

Smugshot: Readers' pics of the week

This week's travel photo entries take us from Ho Chi Minh City to New Caledonia.

Weather photo of the week: May 22, 2015

Dan Wein captures the beauty of some North Shore beaches in our pick of reader weather shots.

Faith No More 'still deliver the goods'


It's so good to have such an influential 90s band back releasing invigorating 'real' music again in 2015.

'Religious belief as fact has no place in our schools'

Bible class

Religion taught to illustrate its role in culture is fine. Religion taught as fact must remain in places of worship.

Pet of the day: Water dragon mysteries

Reptiles like Khaleesi the water dragon seem scary to some, but they are great pets says Ellie Duffy.

An astrophoto panorama with a difference


Paul Wilson's stunning astrophoto puts the Milky Way at the centre of its own star globe.

Top five comments on the end of Campbell Live

john campbell

"Morals, integrity and community spirit will walk out of the TV3 doors when John leaves."

How has breast cancer affected your life?

Emerald Reid

Help raise awareness of the impact breast cancer has on Kiwi lives by sharing your story.

What did you think of 2015 Budget?

Budget 2015

Did the government get it right for the 2015 Budget? What would you have done differently?

'Speed limits aren't what's killing us'

The outright refusal of drivers to drive to the conditions is what's behind our road toll, Gavin Buchanan writes.

Should we teach religion in schools?


A father is taking his daughter's school to court over Bible classes - where do you stand?

Forget the flag, help real Kiwis in the Budget

I'd like the Government to spend money on those who need it - in poverty, in healthcare, in education.

Snapshot from a trip of a lifetime

Going up Mount Stanserhorn on a cloudy day Peter Gallagher never expected this sight from the top.

What next after Campbell Live?

Campbell Live is coming to an end. Is that the right decision and what do you want to see replace it?

'Do not make me embarrassed to be a proud Kiwi'

New Zealand flag

It's the pride we have in the achievements of our country, not the flag itself, that must carry the debate.

Pet of the day: Dracula Desmond

Dracula Desmond

Desmond had terrible breath, but his owners had no idea it was because he was allergic to his own teeth.

Baby Izzy's short life 'will not be in vain'

Izzy Ng

We are determined to ensure that our Little Dragon Girl's short life will not be in vain.

'I rely on my mobile to potentially save my life'

Mobile phone

The idea people are too dependent on their mobiles is ridiculous. I rely on mine to potentially save my life.

Top New Zealand broadband comments


Our readers battled through the slow connection barrier to post these top comments.

Help us report the news and issues of New Zealand


We're on the hunt for Kiwis to share their views and experiences on news events and issues.

What does it mean to you to be a New Zealander?

New Zealand flags and the Beehive, Wellington

What does being a New Zealander mean to you and what do you want our national flag to represent?

Is it time to vote reality TV off?

American Idol

Watching people attempt to cook, sing, fix houses or be ninjas is fun, but how much more can we take?

Cherishing the memories of past pets

Life is for living, and I could not imagine living without a dog. It is worth the sadness when they pass.

How do you manage savings?

Piggy bank, money

How can Kiwis get ahead when it comes to saving? If you've got any top tips on spending less, share them here.

Running map competition: Sharking the streets of Wellington

Sharking the streets of Wellington to spice up a training plan and find the perfect run.

Mobile phones are 'electronic zimmer frames'

Mobile phones

I would rather live life than watch it on a cell phone. I do not need this electronic zimmer frame.

Sex education, alcohol and consent

Sex ed

In 10 years as a school nurse I've dealt with five rape cases. All involved alcohol, none were straightforward.

My Budget 2015 wish for 'fair competition'

budget bill english

There are small businesses closing every day in New Zealand, resulting in people being out of work

Pets of the day: Ali and Izzy

Ali and Izzy were living at the SPCA until Hayden Riches' family gave them a forever home.

Top five equal pay comments

Fox News

"You know your view is screwed when even a Fox show host cringes at it."

Top X Factor New Zealand final comments

Beau Monga with his mentor Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

"The programme was shonky at times, embarrassing even, but the winner does have the 'X Factor'."

Have you moved for a school zone?

Jessica Vermeer

What lengths have you gone to to get your child into the 'right' school?

Police need 'serious rethink of road safety strategies'

Speeding car

Police have a difficult job but they need a serious rethink of their road safety strategies, says Noel Burland.

How much do you rely on your mobile?

People on mobiles

Are you lost without your mobile or are our phones the things that are making us miss out?

'Give referee associations more control'

Referee Glen Jackson made some unpopular calls in the Hurricanes' 22-18 win over the Chiefs in Wellington.

Give the referee associations more control over the refs and the standard will improve, says Paul O'Donnell.

Scenery is everything for great travel shots

Even if you're taking people photos, to get a truly great travel shot you need to include the scenery.

Pet of the day: The Artful Dodger

Dodger could climb a person to sit on their shoulder as a kitten, but she's hopeless with trees.

Is this the type of society we want to create?

Pamela Geller

We are learning in our society that to stay safe we must live in fear, Kara Greening writes.

'Every day in Italy was an adventure'

I always put travelling in the "one day I'll get there basket". My mum's death reminded me it's too easy to put things off.

Are refs having too much impact on games?

Referee Glen Jackson.

Referees are in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons - are we right to criticise?

More sex education should be taught earlier

School pupils in playground

The teen pregnancy rate and incidence of STDs in New Zealand speak for themselves, says Richard Caves.

New Zealand Budget 2015: What do you need?


What's the one thing the Government could include in the Budget that would make your life better?

Shining a light on travel photography

Look past the obvious and pay close attention to the light to get the best travel photos, says Stephen Blackwell.

Sex education's 'too important' to be left to parents

Condoms sex education

By leaving sex ed to parents you run the risk of misinformation or no information at all.

Pet of the day: Bashful Bella

Bella can be cautious, but she moves at the speed of light if she hears the fridge door opening.
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