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Pet of the day: Indie, the rescue brindle

indie the rescue dog

From the moment I saw her tiny face behind the bars of her cage, I knew she was destined to be part of my family.

Making the roads safer for all drivers, including those on two wheels



Riding a motorcycle in this country can be - and often is - hazardous in the extreme. Because of others on the road.

Paula Bennett: Let's make diversity a priority

women in business


It is my challenge to all employers to make diversity a priority, Paula Bennett writes.

The 'provable positive benefits' of a regulated cannabis industry

How to solve our pot problem? Regulate, tax and restrict cannabis.

Weather photo of the week: Stargazing at Matata


The longer you look, the more you see. Shooting stars, constellations and clouds all appear.

Pet of the day: Ice, the grumpy cat

POTD Ice queen

Ice doesn't share her love easily, but when she does, she's the best snuggle cat ever.

Let's talk about suicide: please don't go


I remember the ambulance officer saying to me: "I know it's tough now, but I promise you it will be OK." That stayed with me.

Lessons from my granddad as we climbed a mini-mountain

paritutu Grandad roy

Climbing New Plymouth's Paritutu with Granddad Roy, I discovered I wanted to be just like him at 94.

An inside story on postnatal depletion

Lorraine Scapens


For six years I was tired, and I couldn't work out why.

Pet of the day: Best little buddy in the world

Lily the cat

Lily is an earthquake orphan who has become my best friend.

Police crackdown on speeding is 'short-sighted'


Speed and alcohol are the easiest things for the police to target, so that's what they're doing.

My group interview was 'awkward'


I left knowing I didn’t want to work with them.

Government funding for GPs 'unfair'


Patients do not understand that some practices receive significantly more funding than others.

Pet of the day: Madison, the therapy dog


While Madison is happy to solicit cuddles at the facilities she visits, her human better not pat other dogs...

Men afraid of being called feminine? No...


I don’t avoid knitting because it is seen as being effeminate. I avoid it because I find it boring.

Pet of the day: Once abandoned, now loved


Hoover used to be "terrified of everything", but now he is relaxed and enjoys life with his new family.

'I weighed 123 kilograms and I was only 21'


This young Kiwi mum of two lost 35kg in a year through determination and hard work.

Pet of the day: Tito - part dog, part kangaroo


People always think Tito is a puppy because he is so little and bouncy.

Send us your Kiwi summer snaps


Backyard cricket, fish and chips, or relaxing on the beach: we want to see how you're spending summer in NZ.

Weather photo of the week: Central Plateau


Jake Iwanica loves capturing moments around NZ. He recently turned the lens on the Central Plateau.

Pet of the day: Our handsome boy Bear


He loves to play and explore, is always on the go - and even talks back.

Weight loss: I've reached my goal weight, but the journey isn't over


Seeing those numbers on the scale hit me hard. I told myself: you are still young, enough excuses.

Pet of the day: Jack the old soul


I didn't want another dog, but my husband and daughter wore me down. And I'm so glad they did.

New Zealand: Where is your sense of humour?


Over the years I've noticed a quantum shift in the way we Kiwis deal with things that offend us.

What's your home decor dilemma?

colour swatches

Sometimes making a decor or renovation decision is simply not simple.

Pet of the day: Our two furbabies


Hurley and Millie love their family, and make coping with anxiety much easier for their mum.

Prostate cancer: Living with the 'most treatable form' of cancer


My advice to anyone diagnosed with cancer: don't be blase about what you're going through.

I didn't know I was pregnant until I went into labour


I didn't even know I was pregnant until I saw her head coming so yes, of course, I was absolutely terrified.

Pet of the day: Lincoln, the unimpressed cat


In this picture Lincoln is wondering where, oh where, are those humans off to now.

Sevens fans driven away by alcohol crackdown, inflated accommodation costs


Most of the boozers at Wellington Sevens can drink without causing trouble.

An open letter to absent fathers and selfish mothers


After six months he stopped asking questions, stopped wondering where you were. Then you called.

Happy New Year: How are your resolutions going?

new year

What were your big moments in 2016, and what are your resolutions for the new year?

Pet of the day: Which is the real dog?


Scruffy posed outside a store with two fake dogs, leaving passers-by guessing which dog was real.

Weather photo of the week: Stars over Hataitai


The sky was clear and the stars were very visible, so I got my camera out and headed to the beach.

'Let's talk about sex, baby...'


It’s time to kiss single-sex schooling in New Zealand goodbye.

Do you need to find everyone attractive?


Just look at the internet to see that there is an audience out there for nearly every kind of body.

Weather Photo of the Week: Impromptu on Mt Ruapehu

Mt Ruapehu

No fancy camera, just a smart phone and good timing.

Smoking: How did you give up?


So we want to hear your success stories - how did you kick your smoking habit?

My mental illness is no longer hidden from view

Depression and recovery

The depression label has always been on my mind, but you shouldn't suffer in silence.

Does money make you happy?

Money and happiness

If you had all the time and all the money in the world, what would you do?

Kiwi Teacher: I'll tell you what it's really like


I want children to be curious, to be responsible for themselves and to be kind to each other.

Change is in the air for New Zealand's government


We are now living in times of great political change but what are we changing to?

It’s summer time and that means dog bites


Why are our children at higher risk of being bitten during the holidays?

Kiwi teacher: Surviving the first year of teaching


Being dyslexic, school was not an easy time for me. But now I've returned, as a teacher.

How do you get your health and fitness buzz?


With exercise it seems the trend is to go hard or go home. How do you get your health and fitness buzz?

Perfect on the outside, broken on the inside

Anxiety won't let me be free

Behind the perfect hair and nice house, I hide a personal secret - and it's exhausting.

Resolutions for NZ: Democracy doesn't work, we need a change


We need to find a new way of making decisions as a nation and re-engage the masses.

Resolutions for NZ: Give the economy back


"Private enterprise" is the least efficient and most wasteful way of providing public services - give them back to the people.

I don't care that Bill English doesn't consider himself a feminist

Girls at school

I’m not one of these hyped up people on Twitter demanding that English and Bennett exalt feminism - that's wrong.

Structure in our education system is poisoning our kids


Structure in our education system is poisoning our kids.
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