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Life downhill since September quake

quake damage

The earthquakes have not affected us emotionally, but financially, we have hit the wall.

How can we fight fat in NZ?


Would you like to see taxes on fizzy drinks and companies who sell or produce fatty foods?

Top five reader comments of the day

Jennifer Lawrence

Love 'em, hate 'em or utterly bewildered by their behaviour, it's all about the people in today's top comments.

Cash is king and stock control's the queen

NZ money

You need to know what you're selling, and how much, to stay afloat. Whatever you do don't guess.

Life is hard enough without addiction


Don't expect any trophies for overcoming your addictions, the reward comes from life itself.

Education needs to get back to basics

Education basics - A girl's hand writing

It's great our kids get to try exciting things at school, but not at the expense of reading, writing and maths.

Good guard dogs come in small packages

Yard Guard Dog

Rodger has the attitude of a German shepherd in the body of a chihuahua/papillon cross, but we all love him.

What's it like to adopt in NZ?

same sex

Were you adopted or have you adopted a child or children?

Addicted to gambling from age 13

Horse racing

I placed my first bet on a horse when I was 13, and now I'm close to losing everything.

The lucky ticket

There must have been powers at play on my last day in Rio de Janeiro.

Apathy? No, there's just no one to vote for

Leader's debate

It's election time once again, and this time round I'm struggling to find a reason to vote.

New life in Chch held up by road works

Moorhouse Ave

I was lucky in the quakes, but now constant and unpredictable road works are horrendous.

Dating disaster: The common man

Online dating will soon be obsolete

Treading that fine line between things in common and zero individual thought is tough on the dating scene.

Top five reader comments of the day

Gareth Morgan

First he came for the cats, and we said nothing, for we are not cats. Now Gareth Morgan's after Little Shop...

Share your small business advice

small business, businessman

What's the secret to success in owning a small business? We're looking for Kiwis to share their experiences.

My daughter was a target for bullies

bullying strap

The author thought her daughter maybe had ADD. Finally she told her the truth.

If you were the Prime Minister....

john key

What would you do if you were the Prime Minister? Share your vision for New Zealand.

Is coffee your religion?

Nothing beats that morning coffee smell.

Do you wake up every morning and worship at the cup of the caffeine god? You're not alone.

Is R18 enough to protect our kids?

Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke

Violence in video games and sex in music videos - is it anything to worry about or am I overreacting?

Quakes left me feeling 'empty'


The city that I grew up in feels barren and looks like a skeleton of its former self, Matthew Ohs writes.

Wedding DIY tips from Kiwi brides

Stuff nation

We're looking for crafty brides and grooms who have made big or little parts of their weddings themselves.

Can Manchester United empire strike back?

Louis van Gaal

The Emperor of Man U has gone. The force is weak. The Death Star nosediving. Can they come back?

Spoodle sweetheart to be our ringbearer

Our spoodle is the most energetic puppy I've had so who else to chose as ring bearer at my wedding?

Fun causing airport ride ruckus

taxi sign

Fake IDs help high school students give a passenger a cab ride to remember.

The reality of dealing with addiction


Whether you're an addict or close to someone who is, what's your reality of living with addiction?

Gardens are great places to get snap happy


Andrew Fergus proves you don't have to venture far from home to get some awesome macro photos.

Dominance and demonic laugh are Jolie perfect

Angelina Jolie in Maleficent.

I was so immersed in this fairytale I forgot I'd already passed the age where you still believe everything.

A barking mad delight

Maxumus Aurelius

Maximus Aurelius began life in Spain. Now he slays hearts in New Zealand.

Breast was best, in the end


From day one breastfeeding was hard, there was certainly nothing natural about it. But things changed.

Exemptions undermining the All Blacks jersey

Sonny Bill Williams

Players who work hard all year to fulfil their All Blacks dream hung out to dry by exemptions for code-swapping superstars.

Fan predictions: Premier League third round

Angel Di Maria and Louis Van Gaal

Will Manchester United's latest signing get the Reds back on track to beat Burnley this weekend?

Molly loved to woof it down

WOOFING IT DOWN: Molly loved to eat.

Molly left her mark on the world by eating her way through everything from flu tablets to acne medication.

Top five reader comments of the day

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

We're all about showbiz secrets, gadgets and the lighter things in life in today's top comments.

Is a new life emerging in Christchurch?

Homebush, Sept 5, 2010

Does it feel like the beginning of a fresh start for Christchurch and Canterbury where you are?

No snake-oil quick fix can cure my pain

Chronic pain

Living with chronic pain can make you vulnerable to pseudo-scientific remedies but trust me, they don't work.

Stop ignoring the Arts for uni funding

graduates - uni funding

Our unis are failing us by focusing on science and ignoring academia, languages and the Arts.

Share your sweet, sweet recipes


We all like to indulge a little sometimes, so send us your favourite dessert recipes.

Forget Buck, bring back Sonny Bill Williams

Sonny Bill Williams

It's not all about the money, money, money for the humble SBW, writes Lindsay Amner.

Kiwi bodies: how do you see yours?

NZ Fashion Week model auditions

What are your favourite and no-so-favourite parts that make up the physical nature of you?

Proof that spring is here

Ignore the frozen water droplets, lovely though they are. We're taking this to mean spring has sprung.

Tell politicians what you want in education

shcool books

What do you think needs to be done to improve the educational standards of young Kiwis?

After 5,000 hours of therapy, this breakthrough

Mother and daughter row

We thought we could never have a conversation with our autistic daughter. Then I told her to 'shut up'.

Weather photo of the week: August 29, 2014

Bright sun peeps through the dark clouds over the Mokihinui Gorge in Morag Hamilton's featured shot.

Life isn't fair, so get over Sonny Bill decision

Sonny Bill Williams

Who said life was fair? If you want to win and Sonny Bill Williams is the best man for the job, give him the job.

Your own business gives you freedom

It isn't easy, but here's how having your own business can unlock the wealth and freedom you dream of.

Pure-bred pup lucky to be alive

Boss was just 12 months old when we were told he had to be put down or have an expensive operation.

Top five reader comments of the day

Hello Kitty

When is a cat not a cat? When it's Hello Kitty. We're as surprised as you in today's top comments.

Have you done something spontaneous?



A last minute flight to Australia became the trip of a lifetime for Luke Reeves.

What was your biggest backpacking adventure?


Whether it's Europe, America, Asia or any other epic journey, we want to hear your backpacking stories.

Mature mutton birds are a hard chew

Mutton bird

The mutton bird may be a prize for Kiwi palates but I learnt the hard way - pick your birds wisely.
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