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The Big C turned our world upside down


Being diagnosed with cancer changed my life forever, both physically and mentally.

Week 18: The Fox

	 elton john

“Cause I am the fox, like it or not” sums up this sporadic album.

What are your wedding dos and don'ts?

Wedding cake

Which wedding etiquettes and traditions do you think are still essential?

Banned from Facebook, again

	 social media

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could discuss things without turning to personal attacks?

Pet of the day: Gerald's a real cocky guy

Gerald the rooster

Gerald was disheveled, but charming. He had long blonde feathers and was a polite passenger.

Weather of the week: A snowy surprise after a big rainfall


While soaking in the hot pools at Lake Tekapo, snow flurries slowly covered Mount John and our hair.

Child abuse in NZ is a terrible thing to witness


As a teenager I was disappointed to learn that I was powerless to do much at all to prevent child abuse.

Are you a Kiwi home from Australia?

Are you fresh off the plane from Australia? Why are you back and how is your move going?

Know your rights before moving to Australia


Kiwis moving to Australia need to do their homework before moving across the ditch.

One little lump changed my life

Breast cancer

My breast cancer journey made me a better person and I wouldn't take it back, even if I could.

Pet of the day: Rambunctious Robinho and Simba

cheeky cat

Having a puppy and a kitten sharing our home is interesting - here's the main differences.

Buying your first home is doable in Dunedin


With hard work and determination, owning your own home is achievable. Here's how we did it.

'Bye bye smoking, bye bye inhaler'


My health is far better. I haven't used an inhaler in two years, I don't get bronchitis and my bladder is better.

Prostate cancer: You can die of embarrassment


There are men who cannot get over the fact that I have had fingers and implements shoved up my bum.

It is time to stop celebrating Guy Fawkes


What if we looked to our own real, recent and bloody history for commemoration?

Share your favourite Kiwi pie recipe

best pies

We want to know who you think makes the best pies in New Zealand.

World Head and Neck Cancer Day: A survivor's story


Today is World Head and Neck Cancer Day. Kiwi survivor Adam Love shares his experience.

Share your cancer story

Lab work

Has cancer affected you? Let others benefit from your experience by sharing your story.

Not all of us on welfare are dole-bludgers

Sometimes people need government support

Some of us really need, and appreciate, the help New Zealanders give us.

Faces of Innocents: Give them a voice


Can you help us to tell the stories of the Faces of Innocents? Did you know any of them?

Pet of the Day: Freeway the posh lowchen

Freeway the lowchen

Freeway walks to work each day, but often comes home in the backpack, especially if it's raining.

My daughter gave me the will to quit smoking


It took the arrival of my sweet little daughter into my life to finally motivate me to quit smoking.

Banana-geddon strikes again – this time with no reprieve

Banana-geddon cost me

Why was there no leeway when I went through customs, when others have been let off?

My postnatal depression robbed me of my joy

Me and my baby

Postnatal depression is a dark, terrifying place. It's agonizing and not something we want to make public.

For the love of animals we must protect their welfare

Cows deserve to be treated well, too

My life's goal is to educate people about the abhorrent cruelties that are undertaken in the name of food.

Too old for selfies and leggings? Don't be ridiculous


What do you mean I'm too old for leggings and selfies and going to nightclubs?

Stop passing the blame, local drivers are stupid drivers

What are our biggest issues out there?

Almost every day, I see examples of stupidity behind the wheel, perpetrated by local drivers.

Pet of the day: Sassy Missy loves to backchat


Missy has a lot of sass. She loves to backchat her parents just like a mischief-making teenager.

Rising uni fees 'may be fatal for economy'

University fees

I'm only 13 and I'm already aware of the crisis that is our rising uni fees. It's in NZ’s best interests to take action.

'We're penalised because we stepped in before our grandson was hurt'

Grandparent grandchild

We took care of our beautiful grandson so he wouldn't become a statistic. We get no government support.

The daily pain we inflict on animals


A cat shot with a nail was lucky to survive, but every day other animals around NZ are hurt similarly - and on purpose.

Don't take advantage of international students


I am dismayed at how many international students are being taken advantage of in New Zealand.

When did we become an angry nation?

When did it become okay for us to call each other names while hidden behind a screen?

Grown adults arguing online in New Zealand are becoming no better than squabbling children.

Pet of the day: Cheeky, friendly Louis


Louis has a fascination with the bathroom. He loves tearing toilet rolls apart if we leave one within reach.

'I am sick, not unemployable'


I want to work but I cannot find a job. It's been eight years. I'm utterly desperate.

Week 17: Elton John's 21 at 33

Bruce Cushen

Bruce Cushen is reviewing Elton John's albums to distract himself during his cancer treatment.

Why Brexit is not an uprising against the political establishment

OPINION: The vote isn't an attack against the political establishment in the UK.

Pet of the Day: Mouse the cheeky chihuahua

Mouse loves us but, apparently, she loves anyone.

A few weeks ago we discovered she could jump up onto the sofa by herself, to the detriment of the sofa.

Weather photo of the week: Rainbow over Pukerua Bay

Paekakariki Escarpment rainbow

Heights and I don’t get along, so I distracted myself by taking a few photos.

My top five London do's and don'ts


Here's five fantastic London spots you should visit, instead of the usual tourist traps.

We need a way to tax empty homes

We need a way to tax empty homes.

There are a lot of suggestions of how to tax empty homes, most are complex with lots of exemptions.

People's selfish parking cost me a lot more than a ticket

Bad parking is arrogance

I thought the train would be faster, and no parking hassles. What a gigantic mistake that was.

'I quit smoking for my son'

Every time I got sick from a cold or flu, I suffered bonus days and sometimes weeks of wheezing and coughing thanks to my habit.

My giving up smoking may have been accidental, but I reckon it was as much about timing as anything else.

Baby Gracie's aunt: 'We no longer trust anyone'

Izabella shouldn't live life thinking her sister's a rainbow. She should have her to play with, killed girl's aunt writes.

The two little words too often missed

Thank you

Do we thank people enough? I don't mean tick-box "thanks", but genuine gratitude. And not necessarily through words.

Pet of the Day: Jonty's a diehard rugby fan


Jonty reckons tennis balls are the best for chasing, catching, chewing, and making a mess with.

New Ghostbusters cast 'smart, funny and witty'

The lack of the male gaze and objectification of the female characters in Ghostbusters is refreshing.

'Vaping was my saviour from smoking'


I'd smoked for at least 30 years and you name the cessation option, I'd tried it. Nothing worked. Until vaping.

Suicide: 'The day my heart cracked in half'

Sarah Rachel Powell

When I tell people my dad killed himself, I feel guilty for suddenly dropping this painful info. This makes me angry.

Suicide: 'We're disconnected and failing'

Grieving man

Since my brother's suicide I realise we no longer know those closest to us. We've no idea about their thoughts.
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