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Credit cards: To have, or not have?

credit cards

Effective credit card use can be very rewarding, but you have to be vigilant.

NZ's refugee quota should be raised to 2000


New Zealand should be ashamed of the low numbers of accepted refugees entering the country.

What do you love about your city?


Share your top tips for visitors, or tell us what you love most about your town or city.

Pet of the Day: Our marvellous Maine Coon


Teddy is full of mischief, he goes on big adventures and will regularly come home sopping wet.

Are doctors allowed to get it wrong sometimes?

I find that doctors don’t want to listen and just think your problem will go away

Why did I have to plead to my doctor to receive the proper care?

House-sitting my way to my own home


I'm single, in my early 30s and can't commit to anything. So house-sitting is perfect.

As a Maori-Samoan, I know we need to talk about racism


As a Maori-Samoan, I'm not ashamed of who I am, but I am ashamed of our country’s systemic racism.

Pet of the Day: Mocha the 'Spug'


Mischievous Mocha has the biggest personality - and her best friend is a cat.

A child is a bigger commitment than a marriage certificate


'I am in a stable relationship. We have a two-year-old daughter. We are not married. We own our own home.'

All Blacks squad for Wales test 'solid'


New selections like Damian McKenzie give the All Blacks side some valuable energy and enthusiasm.

Suicide and mental health: NZ's quiet crisis


With 10 Kiwis taking their lives every week, we need to take a long hard look at our attitude toward mental illness.

Married or de facto? What's best for kids


Are children better off in families where the parents are married?

Pet of the Day: Whoopsie Daisy


It was a watery situation for Daisy, when she didn't realise the green stuff on the top of a duck pond wasn’t grass.

All Blacks squad naming - the good, bad and why nots

Lima Sopoaga

Happy with the All Blacks team for the Wales series? Share your thoughts on the 32-man squad.

Review of Bryan Bruce’s documentary 'grossly unfair'

Bryan Bruc

I sat down with a healthy sense of righteous indignation, ready to hate it. I didn't.

The truth behind 'perfect' social media posts


Behind the perfect life depicted on my social media account lies a different story.

Week nine: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

	 elton john

A reader reviews Elton John albums to distract himself during his cancer treatment.

It was a lonely road being a teen mum


It can be a very lonely road for teenage mothers. I struggled to make friends and needed someone to talk to.

Electric cars make 'economic sense'

electric car

We’ve gone down the electric car route and I love it, writes Andrew McCarthy.

Weather photo of the week: May 27, 2016

Peak Hill

A hike on a beautiful autumn day in Canterbury was met with stunning views.

Pet of the Day: Mischievous, grumpy Phoebe


She is the master of comfort, takes no crap from anyone and does not care for your personal space.

Finding my soulmate: 'We just felt right'


Six months after leaving an abusive relationship, I decided to give online dating a go.

Kiwi studios need NZ On Air help


Once upon a time, NZ had a great studio that produced some of the most iconic Kiwi music. But no more.

Single is the new black


You know the best part about being single and 30? The single part.

Leave abusive relationships for the sake of your kids


If you're in an abusive relationship, then your children are suffering just as much as you.

Pet of the day: Willow the sock sorting shepherd

Willow the sock sorting shepherd

Who knew happiness could be found in chewing socks?

We need better support for the vulnerable


The Budget needs to support the more needy Kiwis with benefits, public transport and social housing.

What's it like to be a teenage parent?

	 teenage pregnancy

We want to hear about the challenges you faced and how you overcame them.

New Zealand Budget 2016: What do you need?

	 bill english

It's time for the Government to tell New Zealand what its spending plans are.

Bruce's education documentary 'does not disappoint'

Review: Bryan Bruce brings a quality critique of the New Zealand education system to our screens.

Northland's neglected native forests need our help

DOC needs an extra $10-20 million over 10 years to save Northland's neglected native forests.

Corrections needs to 'front up' on Blessie Gotingco

Robertson strap

High-risk offenders often leave prison with conditions that are difficult to enforce, writes a former probation officer.

Apartment living is the life for me

Apartment living is a very valid alternative to the house in the 'burbs. For a start, no lawns!

Pet of the Day: Fostering needy kittens


My three children have loved being foster parents to a family of tiny, needy kittens.

Top 5 comments on our interactive income calculator

"I'm apparently better off than 83 percent of the population, yet... I can't afford a mortgage".

It's hard to be a young person in Christchurch


There's nothing for young people to do in Christchurch. I propose we build a beach in Hagley Park.

From Romania to NZ, a life of trauma and resilience


Unwanted in Romania, disowned in New Zealand. A reader shares her message of hope.

I'm addicted to random acts of kindness


I performed my first deliberate random act of kindness about eight weeks ago. Now I'm hooked.

Pet of the Day: Phoebe's grumpy but cute


Let's not talk about Phoebe's ability to whine, whine and whine some more. Especially at 4am.

Why it's OK if your dog doesn't like the dog park


Get to know your dog and what they enjoy, not what you want them to enjoy.

'I left in tears, determined to fix this mess'

I would rather starve than go through what I did with Work and Income again.

Coming out of the single girl closet

So, the mythical successful tinder date has occurred. To me! A clumsy, beer-drinking, ex-farm girl from Paeroa.

Week Eight: Don't Shoot Me


My caring, strong wife is a world-class nurse. She now has a patient that neither of us want.

Five things to love about X-Men: Apocalypse

There’s plenty to get excited about in X-Men: Apocalypse, writes Clayton Barnett.

Pet of the day: Energetic Taco loves others dogs


Taco has developed into a great young dog. He is a very gentle, loving, loyal and smart boy.

Holiday romance still going strong 17 years on


A spontaneous holiday to Bulgaria set these two lovebirds on a path to each other.

What's your love story?


Was it all fireworks and love at first sight or was it an awkward encounter? We want to hear your love story.

What I wish I'd known as a suicidal teen


Memories of waking in an ambulance with my mum holding my hand hurt my heart.

Pets of the day: The happy canine 'couple'


Igor the greyhound and Ishtar the weimaraner get on so well together it's like they're in love.

Weather photo of the week: May 20, 2016

The sky captured over Eastbourne before the weather turned.

The sky was captured over Eastbourne in Lower Hutt, just before the weather turned.
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