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That time Sir Colin Meads taught me a drinking game

Attempting to go beer for beer with a bunch of All Blacks was always going to end badly - and Pinetree told me as much.

Pet of the day: Momo is for life, not just for Christmas

Momo loves cats, kids, and cuddles.

Pay tribute to All Blacks legend Sir Colin Meads

We want to hear your stories of the role - big or small - the All Blacks legend played in your life.

Will Labour help me live longer?

I have a rare and fatal disease - I want to know if Labour is planning on funding treatment for people like me.

Pet of the day: Precious princess Holly

Holly is the epitome of why people don't like cats, but she does have a good side. Sometimes.

We need to unlearn homophobia, biphobia and transphobia

Young people are dying because of the discrimination they face. Society has to change.

Weather photo of the week: Walking in rainy Wellington

It was a dreary day, but that only made the colours pop more.

I'm a meat-lover - and a vegan

The idea of chomping down on rare flesh delights me - but I can't justify it any more.

Which is New Zealand's most liveable city?

Auckland? Wellington? Christchurch? Hamilton? Tell us why your city is the best place to pitch tent.

'Thin, tired, and unwell': My mental health recovery

I used to feel shame about being this fragile girl. But now that I am stronger, I only look back at her with love.

Pet of the day: Madge, the relaxation master

Meditation, napping, isolation ... Madge knows all that stuff. She's like a Renaissance relaxer.

Stuck in a welfare storm

Caught between ACC, welfare and public health systems: it's the perfect storm.

Things parking wardens want you to know

They're just trying to do their job - please let them.

Youth voter: History is our future

Some would say us youths don't vote because we don’t care. No. It is because we do not know.

‘You have cancer’: What I wish I’d known when I was diagnosed

Don't be afraid to ask for support, information, and space.

New Zealand should ban farrowing crates

Pigs are highly intelligent, social and sensitive animals. It is inhumane to confine them in farrowing crates.

How is NZ's treatment of animals?

Animals rights or animal welfare - which do you think should be New Zealand's concern?

Pet of the day: Scooter, the coolest pup on the block

Miniature fox terrier Scooter likes nothing more than sunbathing on the deck with her favourite fella.

It's about time we lay off Sonny Bill Williams

He's the most polarising figure in world rugby, but does Sonny Bill really deserve all the hate?

13 reasons why NZ is the most progressive country in the world

13 reasons why NZ is punching well above its weight when it comes to innovation, progress and change.

Pets of the day: Marne and Stardust are like chalk and cheese

They couldn't be more different, but I wouldn't be without either of them.

There’s no support for teens who lose parents

I was expected to be "over it" just a few weeks after my father's death. Ten years on, I'm just starting to heal.

Young people not voting won't solve anything

Politicians ignore young people because young people ignore politicians - we need to break the cycle.

Pet of the day: El Gatto, the catto

El Gatto loves loud conversations, tummy rubs, and playing 'chasey'.

Expat Tales: The Adventures of a London based Kiwi

Emma Crease moved to the UK on an OE, like all Kiwis do, but her love for an Englishman means she has made London her home.

Being shamed for receiving the benefit hurts

Work and Income helped me. It was a proud moment for me when I was able to come off the benefit.

NZ politics is driven by personality, not policy

It bothers me that the future of New Zealand can rest entirely on who's the best political figurehead.

Pet of the day: Kenzie, the king

Kenzie certainly has a regal personality. He gets what he wants.

Weather photo of the week: Fog in Manukau

It's always nice to find a peaceful spot in such a busy city.

'Mike Hosking is not the man for the job'

He is not New Zealand's only qualified broadcaster. He is also not impartial. Someone else should host the election debate.

Dunkirk 'wasn't that entertaining'

Christopher Nolan directed Interstellar, and it was incredible. Dunkirk? Not so incredible.

What would the property market look like under Labour?

What changes would an Ardern administration bring to the property market? Capital gains tax? More affordable homes?

Pet of the day: Albus Dumbledore, the cat

Albus Dumbledore, aka Albie, is the most curious and clever kitten I've ever seen.

The Government is failing New Zealand's vulnerable

Mental health consumers, part of a burgeoning problem across the globe, are utterly failed by our politicians.

‘Youth voters' want what every voter wants

Don't homogenise us into one big group. Policy needs to go deeper than the 'youth vote' label.

Youth voter: I will not be voting in this election

It's not because I am lazy. It's not because I don't care. Put yourself in my shoes.

Letter to 16-year-old me

Never lose your kindness, because it stands out in this dark world.

Pet of the day: Butter block-sized Maggie

Maggie was so tiny she managed to escape one night soon after we got her, and she didn't have a collar on.

How to deal with screaming kids on a flight

What do you do when you're on a flight and the baby next to you won't shut up? Share your top tips.

Jacinda Ardern: The best thing to happen to Labour in a long time

John Key said he saw Jacinda Ardern as the greatest threat to the National's dominance. Take notice.

Abused despite being a responsible dog owner

The downsides to owning a dog aren't all about the cost of food or vet bills, the hair all over your clothing or the damage to your lawn.

Your online shopping horrors

Have you bought clothes online only to receive something hideous in the mail that doesn't look remotely like the picture?

Warriors fans, be patient

As the saying goes: "Rome wasn't built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour".

Green Party, remember your purpose

Metiria Turei's aspiration as co-leader should have been as Minister for the Environment, not welfare.

New Zealand politics: Your thoughts

Which political party do you support? Is there an issue that would swing your vote if it were addressed?

Couchsurfing in Iran: A country of culture

Venturing into Iran brings a fresh challenge to even the most seasoned traveller.

Pet of the day: Riley eats from his paw

I had never seen a cat eat from its paw before Riley, and I have been amused ever since.

High-pressure job to housewife

Becoming a housewife doesn't mark the end of my career. It's merely a detour.

What do you do when your bully is your boss?

The law and my workplace should protect me from bullying. But when the bully is the boss, who will speak up?

Mum, wife, friend, warrior, nurse: Bring it all to the job you're in

I am a professional woman. An academic. I have juggled motherhood, high-pressure jobs and raising four children, one of whom has special needs.
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