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What to do about freedom camping in NZ?

Freedom camping

Can freedom camping carry on as it is or should there be tighter restrictions?

What I learnt from 10 days at a silent meditation retreat


Some lessons can only be learnt from looking inward.

What's worse - depression, or the system that deals with it?


"I feel like to be taken seriously I need to walk forwards instead of backwards when the bus comes."

The true cost of ignoring dyslexia

dyslexic boy

Dyslexia isn't properly addressed in schools - and that has knock-on effects for our society.

Are we too hard on sports stars off the field?

Drink driving, inappropriate behaviour, sex Snapchats: do we expect too much from professional athletes?

Pet of the day: Madam Zola

True to her breed, Zola hates the cold. She likes nothing more than to be under her blankets.

True to her breed, Zola hates the cold. She likes nothing more than to be under her blankets.

Transgender people and bathrooms - why do you even care?

trans bathroom

"The problem is not transgender people. It never has been."

What's it like to be transgender in NZ?


We'd like to hear from gender-diverse Kiwis about their journey. Did you feel supported or prejudiced?

Do you have an Airbnb business in your home?


What are the pros and cons of welcoming strangers into your home?

Garage transformations - tell us about your fabulous garage


Is your garage your pride and joy? Share it with us!

Tell us about your favourite DIY story


Whether you're handy with a toolbox or a disaster with a drill, share your story.

Why I love living in an old house

old house

Deeply attached to your old house, despite the drafts? Let us know why.

New Zealand politicians: Give me a reason to vote


No one has given me any level of hope that their leadership would make the changes that are so desperately needed.

Pet of the day: Spud the pint-sized socialite


Wire-haired jack Russell spud once shied away from affection. Now, he can't get enough.

Malawi project: Providing breakfast and a library


We hope to help feed and educate the 300 students of Chifunga Secondary School, in Malawi.

Pet of the day: Edmund the exploring mini schnauzer

Meet Edmund the explorer.

Edmund is a big fan of exploring New Zealand. Catch him around Auckland.

Weather photo of the week: Wild Wellington waves


James McKelvie captured these photos of waves splashing on the rocks near Wellington airport.

Six terrible driving habits

	 bad drivers

These are the most common things that contribute to New Zealand's road issues.

Pets of the day: Lyla and Ollie light up our day

Lyla and Ollie are perfect to come home to after a long day at work.

Lyla and Ollie are perfect to come home to after a long day at work.

‘Please - LOOK!’ A cyclist’s plea to drivers


"A couple of seconds could save a life."

'Six years on from the Christchurch quake, kindness is more important than ever'

memorial wall

In disasters, we need to value compassion as much as efficiency.

NZ's education system is letting dyslexic kids down

	 learning difficulties

Thinking outside of the box creates an opportunity for change but NZ's education system is letting our kids down.

Pet of the day: Boss and Dot

Boss is our 6-year-old rottweiler and Dot is our 6-month-old foxy/griffon (or our mini rottweiler).

Two buddies that make a lot of mischief together. So much fun, energy and personality.

What is the best way to train your dog?

	 dog training

Positive reinforcement is the most effective way to teach dogs how to behave.

Pet of the day: Winnie-Woo the farm dog

Winnie is very fond of our lovely postman Grant and eagerly awaits his arrival so that she can chase him up and down the driveway.

Our six-year-old Maltese Shih Tzu can't get enough of the freedom farm life has to offer.

How do we fix our driving problem?


Outrage over other people getting behind the wheel is nothing new to Kiwis. Share your outrage with us.

Dyslexia: 'I didn't get any help, I just thought I was dumb'

Dyslexic girl

'Even when my dyslexia was identified in secondary school, no one offered help.'

The contraceptive pill made me suicidal

sad woman


Women may not be aware of how the pill will affect their mental health.

Helping our children process the Port Hills fire

Children fire

We answer their questions simply, and offer distraction, reassurance and cuddles.

Pet of the day: Our beloved sweet boy, Kuj

We are very heartbroken, but we know he had an amazing life.

Sadly, we lost our boy Kuj to cancer last week, just a few weeks after his fourth birthday.

Dyslexic learners being let down by NZ education system?


“NZ teachers are not trained to recognise the characteristics of dyslexic learners. This should be compulsory."

Weather photo of the week: Lake Pukaki

	 Braemar Station

These photos are just the tip of a collection of images that makes me proud to live in New Zealand.

Rodeos: Animal cruelty or PC gone mad?


High quality research on the topic of animal welfare at rodeos is scarce.

Pet of the day: Bonkers' big personality

He loves food and sticks more than anything else.

Our not-so-small puppy is a golden Labrador with a huge heart and an even bigger personality.

Christchurch fires: 'It felt like a war zone'

Christchurch fire

"This was a simple gig: get the story - and get out. Then the explosions began."

Gary McCormick: Christchurch is 'suffering from crisis fatigue'


"Like most people in Christchurch, we are now hypersensitive to disaster."

Christchurch fires: Are you affected?


A state of civil emergency has been declared in Christchurch as fires continue to burn.

Help Stuff investigate business rumours


Do you know any companies that deserve recognition, or alternatively, companies that should be investigated?

Why is social media so poisonous?

Woman laptop

Anonymity gives users free licence to insult and intimidate.

Has tech taken over your life?


Are you glued to your smart phone - or the proud owner of a brick?

Are men and women equal in New Zealand?

New Zealand was the first country to give women a vote, but how are we doing on equality now?

Share your contraception experiences


Modern miracle or more hassle than it's worth? Let us know how contraception affects you.

I'm a carer in a society that doesn't value us


I get paid minimum wage, with no guaranteed hours and work two jobs to survive.

Pet of the day: Mia the mini sausage

Mia looking her best.

Mia is a social little sausage that loves spending her time in the park.

London is magical - but better with money

Mind the gap

Enjoying your OE is easier when you’re not living hand-to-mouth.

Mental illness: 'I feel like a prisoner in my own mind'

Depressed woman

Please don't tell me I just need to 'breathe'.

Pet of the Day: Jock the Scotty

Jock the Scotty

Like many of us, Jock is happiest kicking back in front of the TV.

My diagnosis prompted me to lose almost 40kg


In 2015 I discovered that polycystic ovary syndrome was to blame for my 30kg weight gain.

Pets of the day: Our bichons, past and present


Bichons are outgoing, social, happy dogs, who just love to be the centre of attention. What's not to love?

Pets of the day: Digby and Alo, the griffons


Yes, we know Alo is small, but no - he's not a puppy. He's just really, really small.
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