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Top 5 comments on cricket sledging

"You can't win. If we don't sledge, we're too clean and it's weird. If we do, then we're monsters."

Share your cooking catastrophes

Cooking is really difficult, particularly when you're trying to make it look Instagram-worthy.

Feb 22: How are you feeling five years on?


How are you feeling, five years on from the devastating February 2011 earthquake?

Unreasonable landlord expectations

Dealing with unreasonable landlords can drive you out of your renting situation.

It's not only women who are the subject of abuse


I survived for seven years in a very violent relationship - the difference being I was the male victim.

The children in the shadow of China's economy - Unicef

The reality is that the number of children living in absolute poverty is in the tens of millions.

'It's time for T-plates for tourists'

'T' plate for tourists

A requirement for tourists to display T-plates would alert surrounding drivers to be extra vigilant.

Pet of the day: Mad Max the ocicat


Max is an ocicat who loves to play fetch and groom his human owners. And he's full of energy!

Top 5 comments on the future of Sevens

Wellington Sevens

"Move these events around. The 9s need to do this as well before they crash and burn like the 7s."

#buythisbeachnz: 'The future will credit you with making a difference'

Kiwis behind campaign to buy Abel Tasman beach are grateful for support but say the job's not over yet.

'We need to seek better ways to protect our children than spying on them'

Online safety

OPINION: Monitoring our children’s every move online is an invasion of privacy and potentially harmful.

Why Tottenham Hotspur are 'genuine title contenders' in EPL

Harry Kane Tottenham Hotspurs

Leicester City may be leading the English Premier League but Spurs are genuine title contenders, writes David Lim.

We should reinstate Dominion Day

Dominion Day

We should use this day to celebrate being a nation, rather than centering it around a document that has created division.

Waitangi Day: a day for all of us


Those who forget their history are condemned to repeat it.

Revamp the Sevens, but keep it in Wellington


It was great fun before selfies, tight security and drunken louts took over. But it should still stay the capital.

RSA: Our flag is well loved – but it isn't safe

OPINION: The national president of the RSA says every Kiwi should have their say on the flag.

There's no need to fear migrants

Our immigration policies are hardly letting in floods of migrants and, in any event, we need them.

What part of New Zealand would you save?

Is there a piece of Kiwi paradise you would you go out of your way to protect?

Top 5 driveway parking comments

'Hire a windscreen washer to be positioned there - take a 50 per cent commission and make some money.'

'Waitangi Day has become politicised because it is political'

Let's keep Waitangi Day. It is not Waitangi Day that causes political controversy, it's New Zealand's history.

Together, we can turn the tide on family violence

New Zealand has a shocking level of family violence, says Minister of Justice Amy Adams. As a nation, we need to put a stop to it in all its forms.

Who should host the Sevens?


Is it time for the Sevens to move on from Wellington? Where would you like to see it go?

Should we have New Zealand day?


Has Waitangi Day become too political?

Pub prices keeping drinkers at home


Pubs and clubs need to review their drink prices rather than blaming supermarkets for a lack of business.

Weather photo of the week: February 5, 2016


A beautiful shot of Taylors Bay just as a storm rolled in on a summer's evening.

Which of cricket's shortest formats do you prefer?

Glen Sulzberger

Twenty years ago, Cricket Max was invented before being overtaken by T20. Which do you prefer and why?

Pet of the day: Benji's a Bengal beauty

Benji is a stunning Bengal cat who's full of energy, and is a recent addition to Ashleigh Keene's family.

How do you protect your kids online?

Teens online

How do you monitor what's going on in your teen's lives?

'I don't want to suffer a painful and drawn out death'

I'm 33 and have terminal cancer. I believe dying with dignity law would give many a new lease on life.

Pet of the Day: Our lively boys, Indi and Sam

indi and sam

Adopting two lively kittens has been a shock but still bundles of fun.

Top 5 comments on photobombing horse


A photobombing horse at the centre of a row was a magnet for puns.

Great-grandparents stepping up to help with childcare


Our grandparents look after our kids while we work and I love the amazing bonds they have created.

Domestic violence can happen to anyone

Cliche of partner who is violent because of drink, drugs and poverty needs to be dispelled.

Immigration: Our resources are finite


"The economic effect of immigration is notoriously difficult to assess."

Should grandparents get paid for childcare?


Two in five grandparents believe they should be paid for taking care of their grandchildren. Should they?

Tenants aren't all bad - but most are


The biggest issue with rental properties in New Zealand is the tenants - by far.

Coffee streusel dulce de leche slice

Dulche de leche

This is the ultimate sweet treat. It's an impressive serving for friends and is dangerously moreish.

Why assisted dying isn't the answer for those with irreversible conditions

Killing people is wrong, and asking the health system to kill its patients goes against the spirit of what it is for.

If you hear screaming, call the police

I want women to be able to say 'I was a victim of domestic violence', and not feel ashamed.

Pets of the day: Ted and Pipi are great stress relievers

If things get a bit stressful at work, my husband, me or one of the staff pick up one of the dogs for a cuddle.

Top five comments on TV reporter abuse

"Not a million miles away from that tragic Chris Gayle idiot - intimidating female journos who are just doing a job."

Why are Kiwis abroad targeted for student loans?

Why is the Government only targeting students with loans who are outside New Zealand?

'Why doesn’t everyone in New Zealand speak Maori?'

If our identity is so intertwined with Maori culture, why isn’t Maori taught as a compulsory language in NZ schools?

Comfort food: Veggie minestrone soup

This veggie minestrone soup recipe gets even better after a couple of days in the fridge, says Jarred Wilson.

'Trans people need a safe home'

The necessity of safe spaces and queer friendly households for transgender people is simply vital.

Legalising euthanasia and protecting the most vulnerable 'impossible'

Elderly couple

There is a lot of talk of death with dignity, writes Martin Ryan. What about life with dignity?

Pet of the Day: My bestie Bond


Bond adopted me when I visited the SPCA in Tauranga just over a year ago.

Fight your loneliness by connecting with others

Mobility, mental illness, and feeling irrelevant contribute to an increase in loneliness among seniors.

Top five comments on helping the 'chronically lonely'


"Some elderly people are cranky, fussy and just a little difficult! But we all need a kind word."

Your 'only in New Zealand' moments


What are your favourite once-in-a-lifetime, that could 'only happen in New Zealand' moments?
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