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Learning about MS as we fight for Nick


My understanding of multiple sclerosis changed when my brother-in-law was diagnosed with the disease.

Tattoo times have changed


Employers who are still discriminatory of tattoos that are not offensive need to catch up to the 21st century.

Don Brash offers nothing but race-baiting


There is nothing diverse about Hobson’s Pledge, let alone any real heart for racial equity and justice.

What's the worst date you've ever had?


Sometimes, love isn't in the air. Sometimes it's red-faced, counting the minutes until this horrid date can be over.

How did your student loan affect you?

Did your student borrowing affect your life in a positive or negative way? Was it worth it?

New Zealand's freshwater crisis is here

River swimming

Was the Havelock North contamination our new reality? It's not the first time bores have been poisoned by E coli.

Losi Filipo case is about a flawed justice system, not rugby

Rugby justice

The self-righteous brigade see Filipo's discharge as another opportunity to put the boot into rugby and NZ culture.

Pet of the day: Benji, our boisterous Bichon


Adorable Benji has a moustache and a fetish for dirty washing.

Breed-specific dog laws won't reduce attacks


Our dangerous dog problem concerns me, but I'd like science-based solutions, not ones from fear or media hype.

'Facebook is like visiting the supermarket'


Social media has opened up another world to me, much like joining a club or learning a new language.

Blind justice: Court has failed the victims

Blind justice

The court should consider any impact on individuals facing convictions, but not at the expense of ignoring victims.

Pet of the day: Happy Herschel is always stoked


Herschel is an extremely loving dog who is stoked about everything, every minute of the day.

Future of taxis: We shouldn't give in to Uber


Uber are showing disregard for New Zealand laws and we should make an example of them.

Comparing your behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlights

Perfect couple

All we see on Facebook is perfection. We don’t hear about the kids who were brought home by the police.

We must protect our waterway ecosystems


It’s not rocket science to see that animal agriculture is a danger for our waterways and ecosystems.

Rugby jersey is a 'get out of jail free' card

Losi Filipo

Why worry about consequences when there are none? Sportspeople should be held to a higher standard.

Pet of the day: The notorious Isabelle



From the sweetest cat to bully on the block, my Isabelle is notorious for her sass.

New dog laws protect the innocent


Some breeds are over-represented in attack stats. Responsible ownership minimises risk.

The two reasons I have grown to hate social media


Millennials insist on communication by social media, but struggle in simple face to face communication.

The black dog no-one wants to own


For those of us who walk the black dog daily and hope it’ll leave us alone each night, we don't need stigma.

Inside a refugee camp: Suffering doesn’t need translation

Refugee camp

Minutes into my first day volunteering at a refugee camp I was briefed on death and human trafficking.

Man's best friend punished for man's actions


Powerful dogs can be weapons, but blame the people who pull the triggers, not the guns.

Social media - are you in or out?

Social media

How has social media changed your life? Has it been for better or for worse? Or have you never indulged?

Pet of the day: Clyde is a loveable character


Clyde rules the house and loves sleeping and a spot of hunting - only for show though.

The All Blacks are sublime, not boring

All Blacks

Some ABs fans are calling test rugby boring. Since when was it boring to play fast, skilful rugby with few mistakes?

Why the new dog laws won't make a difference


The new laws will just impose more restrictions on responsible owners whose dogs are not the problem.

New dad tips: Farewell sleep and your social life


All of those people walking around Pak'nSave in sloppy, stained track pants; that’s you now.

Solar is a great technology, just not for New Zealand


Greenpeace has been running a campaign against what it calls a 'solar tax'. But Greenpeace has it wrong.

How do you get your strength and fitness buzz?


With exercise it seems the trend is to go hard or go home. How do you get your strength and fitness buzz?

My alopecia grief: It's not 'just hair'


Over the last month I have seen many handfuls of my hair in my shower, on my carpet and on my poor dog.

Budgeting tips from Kiwi savers


How can Kiwis get ahead when it comes to saving? If you've got any top tips on spending less, share them.

Weather photo of the week: Famous views at Pouakai tarns


I captured a famous view of Mount Taranaki in the Egmont National Park.

Pets of the day: Sisters from different misters

Poppy and Lilly

Poppy and Lilly weren't so keen on each other at the start, but they can't be separated now.

These days your OE is what you make it


The traditional Kiwi OE is changing. You can go anywhere at any age and for all sorts of reasons.

Just because we can breed doesn't mean we should

Woman's body

I want a tubal ligation as I don't want kids. My life, my body, my choice. My use isn't just as an incubator.

Will the new dangerous dog laws work?

Dog attacks

The new dangerous dog laws - will they help reduce attacks or have they gone too far? Or not far enough?

Teenage entrepreneur? Share your story


If you are a teenage entrepreneur, we want to hear about your experience. What inspired you to give it a go?

The evolution of the guilty Kiwi father


Kiwi dads are more hands-on than their dads, so why do they feel the need to do more? Why the daddy guilt?

Martin Guptill's not an opening batsman

Martin Guptill

Selectors stick with him like he's a piece of gum on their shoes. One could argue that gum could perform better.

Coming in off the long run


It's time to come off the long run. Have you got a strong opinion about sport you want to share? Now is your chance.

Pet of the day: Toby is Mr Personality


Since the day I brought home Toby, a little fluffy ball of mischief, my life has never been the same.

The traditional Kiwi OE is dying


Europe is in chaos. Britain doesn't want more immigrants, even if your ancestors are from there.

Pet insurance is worth its weight in gold


People scoffed when I told them I had taken out insurance for my 10-week-old German shepherd.

Bring back the original Super Rugby format


Super Rugby was better when everyone could play everyone, and the playoffs were decided by the overall table.

I trusted my intuition, and found I had bowel cancer


The hospital sent me home but I knew something was wrong. And I was right - I had bowel cancer.

Who can afford the 'affordable' homes?

In the housing debate, supply deficiency is emphasised, while ever-increasing demand isn't considered.

How have your tattoos affected you?


From works of art that took ages to design to mistakes you're living to regret, share your tattoo tales.

The big OE: Why do Kiwis do it?


It's in the Kiwi DNA to leave the nest and fly across the other side of the world. Did you do it? Why or why not?

Pet of the day: Flo and Esme play all day


Our dogs Flo and Esme are great mates and play all day, every day.

What have you learnt as a parent?


Here's your chance to tell new parents the things you wish someone told you before you had a baby.
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