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Pet of the day: My little buddy Trent


Trent has a unique personality. He's super nosey and loves to cuddle, and he purrs all the time.

When fixing the water fixes so much more


The water in the remote village was dirty, smelly, toxic. It made me feel ill and I didn’t have to drink it.

Arguments against dog breed laws 'severely flawed'


Why do you feel the need to own a dog that's bred to be aggressive and a potential killer?

Clinton v Trump: who are you picking?


Americans head to the polls on November 8 to vote in their new president. Who are you picking?

Depression is like an emotional cancer


People say to me "But you always seem to be such a happy, fun and funny person". So did Robin Williams.

Small changes will add up to help encourage businesses out of Auckland


We can ease the housing crisis by encouraging movement to the regions with small changes.

'I lost weight and found health and happiness'

Ali Richards

I was depressed, a bad-marriage survivor and fat. I'm now 40kg lighter, fit, happy and glad I had a wake-up call.

Pet of the day: Hadley is the joy of our family


Hadley is very loving, caring, and will give you extra cuddles when you give him belly rubs and walkies.

Retraining your dog with the ABC


How to change your dog's behaviour using the ABC - antecedent, behaviour, consequence.

The news I never wanted - I had cancer


I still live in fear that my cancer will come back, but I am a survivor and I treasure every day.

'I grew to hate myself and my vagina'


I had a labiaplasty when I was 18 as I was insecure about my vagina's appearance. Now I'm so confident about my body.

Let mums stay home with their babies


It’s awful that mums with young babies must return to work. All mums should be able to stay home.

Pet of the day: Cuddlecakes loves attention


Two-year-old Cuddlecakes falls asleep in weird places and loves to be the centre of attention.

Reviewing Elton: Week 29: Songs from the West Coast


Bruce Cushen reviews Elton John albums during his cancer treatment. This week, his faith is restored.

How can we end the cycle of family violence?


What can we do to change New Zealand's shameful domestic violence statistics?

Living a life without children

sleeping baby

Being a parent isn't for everyone. Have you chosen not to have children or did circumstances decide?

Examining allegations of misogyny in NZ rugby

Is there a culture of misogyny in New Zealand rugby? Let's take a closer look.

Pet of the day: My best mate Kiva saved me


Kiva is fantastic. She is affectionate, independent, loving and funny.

Weather photo of the week: Rain clouds passing over

Shakespear Regional Park

A short walk up the hill yielded the view of this lone tree with the low, grey clouds scudding by.

Eating disorders robbed me of my freedom

Anorexia and bulimia

I hated what anorexia was doing to me, but I couldn't stop. I couldn't even eat or go to the bathroom alone.

Getting rich off property a long-standing Kiwi tradition


Property speculation as a means getting rich quick is a long-standing New Zealand tradition.

Budgeting tips from Kiwi savers


How can Kiwis get ahead when it comes to saving? If you've got any top tips on spending less, share them.

Diving unlikely to be eradicated from football


Diving is one of the ugly parts of what is colloquially known around the world as a beautiful game.

Pet of the day: Louie our furry miracle


Louie hasn't had the best start in life but miraculously he has made a full recovery and is living large.

The joy of working after eight years on the benefit


After eight years of unemployment, I am finally off the benefit and back at work.

Head and neck cancer: Life was never the same


I had no front teeth and was badly scarred. But a cancer support group changed my life during that lonely time.

Why you need to watch David Attenborough's Planet Earth II


If you haven’t already seen the trailer for BBC Earth’s new documentary, I urge you to do so.

'New Zealand's housing crisis in a clear sign of John Key's failure'


The government has no plan to deal with NZ's housing crisis other than to build more roads.

Pet of the Day: Bambi is more than a pet


Bambi is the apple of our eye. She loves being the boss at home and is very playful.

Why is veganism such a divisive topic?

For a diet based on compassion and non-violence, veganism sure does stir up some rough conversations.

How can you criticise me about my culture?


When someone criticises you for not being "Maori enough", one must ask how "Maori-fied" is the one who is criticising?

Let's talk about suicide


Our national suicide rates continue to climb. What can we do?

Trump's nonsense distracts us from the real issues


Trump is superficial, bigoted, privileged and … entertaining. We love to hate him and his hair.

Telling someone they look great can do more harm than good


My physical appearance was more important than being healthy and well.

Pet of the day: Nutmeg the prize-winning goat


Goats make awesome pets. Our Nutmeg is a very loving and intelligent character.

Every day seems to be a festival in India

It gives me great joy to see people from different cultures across the world celebrating Diwali in New Zealand.

Subsidise the regions for growth

Offer subsidies for businesses who shift their business to the less populated regions.

Pet of the day: Rescue cat Zeb loves to chat


Chatty Zeb loves to sit on the window sill watching the birds.

Reviewing Elton John - Week 28: The Big Picture


Bruce Cushen reviews Elton John albums to distract himself from his cancer treatment.

Housing, money and debt: How the economy works

House prices economy

The first stage in understanding the housing crisis is to understand money.

Are you a woman competing with men?

Working woman

What is it like to be a woman working in a male-dominated environment?

Weather photo of the week: Cloudy sunrise over Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo

As the sun rose over Mount Dobson it reflected the clouds and mountains in the calm lake.

How can we fix the housing crisis?

Property, real estate, house

What needs to be done to solve New Zealand's housing crisis? Share your views with us.

What does it mean to be Maori in the 21st century?


What does it mean to be Maori today? Is the culture being lost, or just evolving? Share your views.

'I had to fight to get my cancer diagnosis'

CT scan

My family could easily have been left without me had I not fought to be diagnosed with bowel cancer.

We need new cannabis legalisation for our personal freedom

Medicine without the high

Cannabis should be legal - the ability to choose what we put into our bodies is central to any free society.

Spread work and education to spread the population


The Govt should focus on spreading industries out throughout the country. Get them out of Auckland.

Pet of the day: Fun-loving Li'l Sebastian


When Sebastian wants attention from his sleeping owners he does "the face tap" gently with his paw.

Don't fear me because I'm bipolar


People who know nothing about my disorder see me as a broken person and exclude me.

'Embarrassment could've robbed my kids of their dad'


Children left without parents - this is the cost of not screening Kiwis aged under 50 for colon cancer.
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