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Top 5 reader comments


Once we've all had our say on a new tax evasion crackdown, we can appreciate the glitz of the Met Gala.

Persistence pays off in online dating

Becky Ellen-Johnson didn't start online dating and find true love the day next, but she did find it.

Why Mother’s Day should be the biggest holiday of the year


Forget Christmas or Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day should be the biggest holiday of the year, says Joe Guse.

Ernie Merrick helps Wellington Phoenix rise from the ashes

Wellington Phoenix  team shot

The Nix may have stumbled at the season's end, but Noel Burland's sure they'll be back better than ever.

Running map competition: Fin's Fish

Self-confessed sucker for a challenge and running fanatic Finian Scott came up with this fishy run map delight.

What should be on NZ's flag?

new zealand flag

Does our country's current flag represent you or would you like to see something fresh flying?

Mother's Day competition: 'She never put herself first'

Caitlin Daugherty-Kelly

Despite everything, my mum not only kept going, she kept caring for everyone else around her.

Pet of the day: Stripy the cat

Stripy was found sitting in a ladder, and has found herself a loving, sunny spot to stay.

I found true love across the planet, via the internet


Libby Ferguson was 11 hours away from a Kiwi bloke she had never met - but she decided to give love a chance.

Running map competition: The beetle

Bike, drink, run repeat. That's the aim of the game in this running map competition entry.

Top comments on how Kate Middleton managed to look so good after giving birth

kate strap

Readers pontificate on how the Duchess of Cambridge managed to look so good after giving birth.

Does the Kiwis victory signal a new great era for New Zealand rugby league?

Kiwis strap

These are heady times for Kiwi league fans, but do you dare dream of even bigger things ahead?

A rental Warrant of Fitness 'would reduce health costs'

Investing in heating and ventilation can save owners - and our health system - money.

'Reimagining' the New Zealand flag

Before design-mania distracted us, we just wanted elegant forms we could recognise as our own.

Tell us about your amazing collection


Whether you're into miniature planes or model trains, stamps or dolls, coins or cans, we want to know.

Drone footage: The South Island from the sky

Jun Yamog shares a drone video taken while on holiday in the South Island.

Protecting our children from porn's 'pattern of harm'


With porn and its messages being so pervasive, how can we prevent our sons from following the crowd?

Safer cycling: Give us some room, drivers


It's not just about giving cyclists room when you pass - think about how fast you're going.

Pets of the day: Kitten and puppy love

Stella, a 5-month-old Birman, and Henry, a 7-week-old boxer, are already besties after just a week.

The rock for my whole family

Sasha Johnston

She never complains, she takes no time for herself and the only gift she will ever accept is a bag of lollies.

Pet of the day: A cat named Colin


This is Colin, the self-proclaimed greatest ginger tabby known to man.

Beauty in body art: My tattoos tell my story


My first tattoo was anything but beautiful, but although it was badly done, it changed my life.

First born to forlorn: Stories of sibling arrivals

Prince george

Prince George's life is about to change dramatically. Do you remember when your sibling as born?

Mother's Day competition: My mum is tough


She's outrun bullets and worked her whole life. I think my mum Elizabeth deserves a treat.

Pet of the day: 'Cuddliest kitten'

Michelle Bunkall searched far and wide for the perfect kitten and Buttons is such a smoocher!

Chelsea on brink of English Premier League title win

Chelsea players EPL

There may be three rounds left in the EPL, but Chelsea look set to win it now, writes Mark Kessell.

Mother's Day competition: She taught us to survive and thrive


She's a single mother of three, and she's overcome a lot. Mum taught us resilience.

Top Ekim Burgers rant comments

ekim burger

When a burger van owner's vitriolic rant went viral, Stuff commenters stepped up to the plate.

How Ekim Burger should have responded to that complaint

ekim burger

OPINION: Mike Duffy's expletive-filled rant at a customer provides a lesson in social media marketing.

Review: Auckland Philharmonia's Chang and Bolero

Sarah Chang

Every now and then, we do get a superstar of the classical music world come to visit.

Anzac memories: We were lucky to get them back


Three generations of my family have visited Anzac Cove. One went in army boots.

Weather photo of the week: May 1, 2015

Ashleigh Fechney

The air up here looks mighty good in our reader weather photo of the week.

There is nothing trendy about a food allergy

Food allergies

Please don't look badly on my child if they cry when I tell them they can't eat the birthday cake.

Rape in NZ: Join the debate


Rape in New Zealand is a big issue. It needs big solutions. Give us your opinion.

Pet of the day: Manky's life out of the gutter


From a rough start in a Porirua gutter, Manky has become a beloved friend to all.

'We can't rely solely on scoring tries to win Rugby World Cup

Dan Carter Beauden Barrett

There's more to gain from giving new players test experience than hoping old faithfuls will deliver, says Simon Brown.

Mother's Day competition: My mum is the ultimate superstar


Without a doubt, my mum is the most caring, genuine, loving person I know, says Zelina Ravla.

Top five reader comments of Thursday


You're not meant to talk religion or politics at the dinner table, but there's no such rule here.

Giving a lift to love

Helping out a stranger looking for a lift saw Jenny Martin meet the man she'd go on to marry.

Anzac Day: A moving service of remembrance


Anzac Day this year dawned grey, overcast and still, writes Jo Gibbs. We can't forget to remember.

Mother's Day competiton: More than a mother

Mother and son hand in hand

When I was 7 I started to realise how much Mum would give up for us to have the best start in life.

Retailers will suffer most from loss of parking for cycle lanes

Cycle lanes


Cycle lanes may be worthy but losing parking for them will hit small retailers, says Karen Robson.

10 ways to feel alive

Loving life

If you're feeling stuck on the treadmill of life, here are a few ways to help you reset and feel great.

Mother's Day competition: 'Simply the best'

A car crash broke almost every bone in her body but there was nothing Mum wouldn't do for us.

What's your love story?


Was it a "meet cute" or an awkward encounter? We want to hear your love story.

Pet of the day: Thomas on parade

Thomas pet of the day

Thomas like to be part of the action with his human mum and dad who are in the Territorial Force Army.

Top five body image comments

Lisa Rapley

"We accept all manner of sexual "types" and labels but apparently there is only one body "type.""

How do you manage teenage drinking?

Drunk, drinking, teenagers, young women, girls, alcohol, wine

Do you allow your young teenagers to drink alcohol? How do you teach your kids alcohol safety?

Mother's Day competition: Mum's one in a million

We've had to watch our beautiful, outgoing young mum struggle with the most hideous illness.

Would you rather have cycle lanes or parking spaces?


Would you be happy to see fewer parking spaces in your city to make way for more cycle lanes?
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