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Dirty Politics fallout 'ignoring' privacy laws

Hager strap

Why is no-one addressing the issue of stealing and publishing private emails? Derrick Wales writes.

Bright future for Banda Aceh post tsunami

Banda Aceh Post-Tsunami

I've had my share of horrific experiences but I couldn't imagine anything as terrifying as the 2011 tsunami.

Foraging for Fiordland fungi

Hunting the upper reaches of Southland's Worsley Stream I found a fungi I'd never seen before.

Top five reader comments of the day

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson.

"Who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp?" Our readers ask the tough questions.

Cats and dogs are different but equal

Kittens and puppies

I was scared of dogs, but having had cats and dogs I think we're all expressions of the same thing.

What do I fear? Just the universe

Solar system

We're told the Universe is expanding, but what is it expanding into? Applying logic to this blows my mind.

Reader photos: Pretty little things

Melissa Macpherson found these magnificent macro moments at Matarangi.

Taking your body to the extreme


Whether it's hardcore workouts or weird diets, what's the craziest thing you've put your body through?

Weather photos of the week: Aug 22, 2014

Marble-sized hail struck Wellington's south coast and strong winds whipped up lots of sea spray.

Byron Bay BluesFest with the kids

This outstanding festival takes place when most of us at home are huddled by the fire.

Shepherd’s pie with sweet potato topping

Shepherd’s pie with cheesy sweet potato topping

If the cold's getting you down try rustling up this classic winter warmer with a sweet topping twist.

Money tips I wish I knew then

piggy bank, savings

Favour earning money over acquiring status. Status involves spending money, working involves earning it.

Things that go bump in the night

Scared of the dark

What started as a childhood prank years ago has left me with a lifetime fear of the dark.

Had a close encounter of the animal kind?


Chased by wildlife, mauled by monkeys or bitten by bugs, tell us your travelling animal tales.

Top five reader comments of the day

Solange Knowles

The ref's whistle blowing on the All Blacks has one commenter angrier than Solange in an elevator.

Reflections of beauty

For a first-time macro photographer, we think Toya Heatley absolutely nailed this shot.

Share your masterpiece macro photos

Flower close-up

It's time to get up close and personal with photography to send us your best macro shots.

Do dirty politics have a mandate?

john key

If National wins the election are we saying we endorse the kind of behaviour in Dirty Politics?

A travelling life less ordinary

Many years and 74 countries later, I can honestly say I that I have seen a little snippet of what the world offers.

Shaking off my fear of quakes


Sara Fenn has been able to overcome her fears because she survived the darkest one.

One million missing votes could make difference

If Kiwis were stripped of the right to vote they'd be up in arms. Yet they don't exercise that right.

Money advice for your younger self

kids money piggy bank

What do you know now that would have given you a head-start when you were younger?

14-year-old's life 'spent on a leash'

Epilepsy - A teenager with head in hands

On a bad seizure day, she'll need stitches. On the worst day, she looked like she'd been beaten.

Optimism essential for the self-employed


Working for yourself is great but you'll soon learn to ignore your gut instinct at your peril!

Raw and dairy-free olive sunburgers

Raw olive sunburgers

If you want a quick and filling dairy-free lunch, try these raw olive-laden meat-free burgers.

Top 5 tributes to rugby's hard man, Brad Thorn

Brad Thorn

"Anyone that can still be playing competitive rugby at 40 should have their DNA cloned."

Have you overcome your greatest fear?

Maria Mosquera

Whether it's flying, spiders, or something random, share your phobias or tips on how to deal with them.

All Blacks: we don't know how lucky we are

All Blacks

All Blacks fans and critics have lost perspective on what is one of the best teams in the history of sport.

Comfort key for kids on the slopes


Skiing is great fun and the earlier you learn the better, but comfort for toddlers is key says Tom Gardner.

Close up with ancient Mayan ruins

When overlooking the vast Mexican jungle, I felt certain that this wilderness had not yet given up all its secrets.

Election is a job interview, not a duty

John Key

Politicians are competing for a job to help run the country. By voting, you get to pick who succeeds.

Nigel Latta: We can 'fix' family violence

NIgel latta

Nigel Latta's approach to family violence this week was 'fascinating, and clever', Jimmy Ryan writes.

A new era for women's rugby?

Black Ferns v England

They say all good things must come to an end, so is that it for the formerly dominant Black Ferns?

Breast isn't always best


Doing what's right for your child is best, and if that's bottle feeding there should be no shame in it.

Small business: Follow your dream

Corrin Miller

Obstacles litter the path to setting up a business, but you can get around them, Corrin Miller says.

Why don't Kiwis eat barracouta?

baracouta strap

Saffas relish them — so why do so many Kiwis turn up their noses at this native delicacy?

Why I love CATS

cat courtesy chaukar / flickr

I love both cats and dogs and have had both in my lifetime but cats are the winners for me.

Think you're not fit enough for Crossfit?


Don't let the thought of weight-lifting and flipping tyres put you off, there's a lot more to Crossfit than meets the eye.

Top five reader comments of the day

prance strap

Our readers speaks their minds on living in Warkworth, the All Blacks and prancercise

Fibromyalgia means unrelenting pain

fibromyalgia illustration by Samantha Kira Harding

Ever since Jess Johnston was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at age 12, she's suffered from pain and depression.

Small business: Greener grass or artificial turf?

businessman generic

Not everyone is suited to running their own business, John McArdle says.

What was your biggest backpacking adventure?


Whether it's Europe, America, Asia or any other epic journey, we want to hear your backpacking stories.

Legal highs made me a 'shell of myself'

Legal Highs

I went from sporting star to jobless and addicted to synthetic cannabis in a year. Here's how I stopped.

All Blacks failed in brains, not brawn

Richie McCaw

The result on Saturday was down to ball retention, discipline, weather, but largely, a lack of thinking.

Only rich people have gluten allergies

Fresh fruit. Gluten-free. Food allergies

NZ supermarkets can kiss my glutey butt as the prices for food for allergy sufferers is 'outrageous'.

Was Mealamu the All Blacks turning point?

Dane Coles

Message to coaches: when a player is doing well, leave him on the field and let him play.

No-one wins with special needs funding

Special needs education

A fortune is spent on special needs education but pupils and teachers are still not being helped.

Claustrophobic? This will make you squirm


Squeezing through caves so narrow they can break your ribs is just one of the joys of caving.

Characters become 'part of your family'


Amber Field loves Outlander so much she wore her first copy out. Here's what makes the book so great.

All Blacks need combos, not individuals

Israel Dagg


Liam Messam and Israel Dagg must be pleased as punch after Saturday's All Blacks draw.
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