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Kura kaupapa can 'strengthen whanau'

kura kaupapa?

I have put all my children through kura kaupapa. It has helped me grow, and my daughter has excelled.

Flag debate is 'an opportunity for New Zealand'


This time, let's get it right. Let's award ourselves a world class flag we can fly with pride, John Ansell writes.

Cecil the lion's death not 'black and white'

OPINION: Understanding the full picture of paid hunting allows us to take some positives out of Cecil's death.

Top five reader comments on school shoes


Students are being put in time out for wearing the wrong shoes. What did the comments say?

New Zealand International Film Fesitval review: Iris

New York fashion original Iris Apfel

I have not seen such clarity in vision and surety in a long time, as that of fashion icon Iris Apfel.

Mental illness: 'I don't have to do it alone'

mental illness

Getting a diagnosis for my mental illness made it easier for my friends and family to understand.

No good option for a new NZ national anthem


Our anthem doesn't need changing, but if we did, where would we look for inspiration?

A week in my reality as a solo mum


Doctor's appointments, dance lessons, business meetings and boot camp. It's my life as a single mum.

Weather photo of the week: July 31, 2015

Alice Fong

Each week we feature a reader's weather photo. Alice Fong sent this beautiful shot in from Nelson.

Pet of the day: Gunnar the husky


Gunnar the Siberian husky has two different coloured eyes and loves to play tug of war.

Top five reader comments for Thursday


Cycling lanes, house cats and Cecil the lion; it's all go in the Stuff comments on Thursday.

Have you ever been a lab rat?


Have you ever been part of a drug trial or social experiment? We want to hear your story.

Mental illness 'just another injury'

mental illness

We have no trouble talking about our physical ailments, and it should be the same for mental illness.

Does New Zealand need a new national anthem?

Does our national anthem make you proud to be Kiwi?

The Labour leader says our anthem is a 'dirge', what do you think? Does it inspire or bore you?

All Blacks 'a tough team to pick'


If the Rugby World Cup final was tomorrow, this is who I would select in Steve Hansen's shoes.

'Wouldn't change my life' as a single mum

solo mum

I think solo parents should get more support, but I still wouldn't change anything.

Mental illness 'the unknown'


When my husband had cancer and I was mentally ill, the difference in compassion we faced was staggering.

Te reo isn't just a language, it's our livelihood

Ari Mac says one of the great things about kura kaupapa is students have more one-on-one time with teachers. Pictured, students from Te Kura Kaupapa Moari o Nga

Us kura kids we know where we come from, where our family comes from, and I think that is really cool.

Pet of the day: Basil Brush


This is Basil Brush. He is a mixture of chihuahua, papillon and griffin, and he loves adventure.

Top five reader comments on new Lewis Road flavours


After NZ's collective insanity over their chocolate milk, Lewis Road are doing new flavours. Ideas?

Speaking te reo 'an advantage'

The values and protocols instilled in me at kura kaupapa continue to carry with me today.

Single parents have 'fewer options' for childcare


Most parents cherish their children and want to have as much time as they can with them.

Reader recipe: Chocolate gingerbread cupcakes


Winter can be a bit depressing, but these rich, spiced cupcakes definitely help.

Offenders in your neighbourhood: Should you know?

Should you be told if there is someone dangerous in your community?

'Ban cars from the CBD'


Cars kill around 300 people in NZ a year and hurt 11,000 more. We'd never accept that from anything else.

Mental illness not a 'ticking time bomb'

Why are people afraid of me, even though I have what could be considered a mild mental disorder?

Pet of the day: Senor Pedro


Meet Pedro, the exotic moggie from Christchurch who's always up to something.

Top five reader comments on Richie McCaw's lineout try against Springboks


Are South Africa sore losers for suggesting Richie McCaw's lineout try was illegal? Ask the commenters.

All Blacks squad 'ain't broke', so don't try to fix it

The bulk of these guys have done the business in the past and maintained their form through Super Rugby.

Film review: Hill of Freedom

hill of freedom

Showing as part of the NZIFF, this Korean romantic comedy is unique in its structure and gentle tone.

Your experiences of kura kaupapa

kura kaupapa

Do your children attend a kura kaupapa? We want to hear about what it means to your family.

I started learning te reo at 43

Sharon Holt


I was even too scared to say the word Maori, for fear of pronouncing it incorrectly, Sharon Holt writes.

Before you donate, ask yourself if it's good enough


We donated garden tools, bedding, kitchen things - but only quality items. It's a sign of respect.

Pet of the day: Ses the bull terrier

Ses the bull terrier

Meet Ses, our English bull terrier. He's a very happy chap who is curious and gets into everything.

New drone rules 'criminalise a hobby'


Why are we treating children and responsible adults like enemies of the state? Bruce Simpson asks.

'Happy and fulfilled' as a single parent


Being a single parent doesn't make your family any less special. I want to make my daughter proud.

Top five reader comments on Samoa's All Blacks cash shortfall


Samoa's PM says they lost $1.5m on the All Blacks' test in Apia. Stuff commenters had plenty to respond with.

All Blacks have 'the world's best'

all blacks

Our team isn't just skilled and experienced, our players complement each other.

Maori Language Week: Te reo 'is in good hands'

You don't have to pronounce Maori things correctly all the time, it's the attempt that's important.

Living with depression: Just keep swimming


I was first diagnosed with depression at 17. One of the biggest battles is against perceptions.

Why you should say no to riding elephants

Why do we continue to torture and abuse these beautiful creatures for the sake of tourism?

Single mothers are 'vilified'


For all those single mothers doing it on your own, I salute you. You are the amazing ones.

Why I learned te reo

te reo

Have you learned te reo or has it been passed on to you? Share what the language means to you.

Do we discriminate against mental illness?

Dr Sarah Gordon advocates for people with mental illness.

Tell us about your experiences and views on attitudes towards mental health in our country.

An All Blacks squad that 'won't let you down'

all blacks

We have some truly exceptional players available for the All Blacks at the Rugby World Cup.

Baby boomers living the dream? Yeah, right

Unless I win lotto, one of the kids is going to have to accommodate me when I retire, a baby boomer writes.

Pet of the day: Three black lab buddies


Libby, Ben and Jackson the black labradors make quite a statement walking together.

I was dumped by a text... to my best friend


Being dumped by text is one thing. When it's not even sent to you personally? Brutal.

Top five comments on Max Key

Martin van Beynen says John Key needs to tell his son to 'pull his head in'. You had plenty to say in response.

Smugshot: Readers' travel photos of the week

This week's travel photo entries take us from the lakes of Myanmar to a National Forest in the US.
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