Coming in off the long run: Do it like Dan Carter does

Last updated 14:41 16/09/2012
Dan Carter
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THE MAN: Dan Carter knows what it takes to be great - lots of training.

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What happens when you inherit a team that lacks the skill sets needed for professional sport?

With both the New Zealand cricket team and the NZ Warriors in a similar situation (losing), it has been the coaches who have taken the hit for individuals who cannot, or will not, learn the art of being a student of the game. Constantly I hear the same old cliche rolled out: "Play your natural game".

Sorry, that doesn't work. You need the core skills mastered because when the pressure comes in, wave after wave, you need people who can manage the anxiety and pressure.

It is the poor performance of basic skills that can lose you the game - dropped passes, missed tackles, dropped catches; fundamental techniques go under the blow torch and you must respond.

As a player knowing what your core duties are is fundamental, along with the code's core skills. Without the constant repeating of these basic skills players will continue to implode.

Dan Carter and Jonny Wilkinson both spent hours from a young age concentrating on these principles of practice makes near perfection.

Players who refuse to learn or train in core skills need the boot. Once the cores skills and roles are mastered their own natural abilities should be identified and released on to the opposition.

NZ Cricket and the Warriors clean up when it comes to management interfering with the progress of the team.

But that's another article.

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