Coming in off the long run: Cricketers need Australian test

Last updated 14:55 16/09/2012
Brendon McCullum
TESTING TIMES: Black Caps batsman Brendon McCullum. Could he and others have benefited from more Australian competition?

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After watching the Black Caps for as long as I can remember, they continue to disappoint in a couple of main areas: consistency and depth.

What NZ Cricket should do is get a New Zealand team into the Australian domestic competition.

Just look at the success of kiwi franchises in rugby league, basketball and netball - there is no doubt it would help.

It would reduce the gap between international and domestic cricket, with some Australian domestic teams very capable of beating their supposed national betters.

This would also be a chance to introduce talent at a higher level similar to the New Zealand A tours.

With a limit of so many (say six) contracted players available at one time, it would allow a broader group to gain experience without the leap to international cricket.

This would not only be great for young talent, but a chance for the experienced players to have their go at playing the best domestic cricket in the world.

Playing at a higher level, against quality opposition, will improve consistency and also create the chance to develop depth.

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