Coming off the long run: Game they play in heaven

Last updated 08:34 19/09/2012
Kieran Read
John Selkirk/Fairfax NZ
PICK AND NO: Are you sick of the same old rugby tactics?

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Off the long run

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The blood in my veins has been black with a silver fern for more years than I care to remember, but that doesn't mean that I can't wish that rugby could be an even better game than it is.

I remember watching rugby in the 50s and 60s and being enthralled with the All Blacks, but when I see film of those games now I'm horrified.

The amount of pointless kicking, the flat backlines that gave no room for running, etc, etc... Scores such as 6/3 were not rare.

So today's product is immeasurably better value for players and spectators, but it is far from perfect.

How many of us rejoice in seeing scrums set and reset? Do people feel, as I do, frustration with the pick and drives which usually end up with a person being tackled right next to the ruck/maul he just left? And the influence that penalties have on the game is hardly guaranteed to thrill anyone.

If you have a score in league of 20/12 it's likely to be 4 tries to 2. In rugby it's likely to be one try to none.

Everybody knows the things that are a real turnoff in rugby. Why can't they be changed?

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