Warriors need to say hurrah to Scurrah

Last updated 09:15 16/10/2012
KEY FIGURE: Wayne Scurrah has made mistakes, says Tom MacGregor.

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Grand finalists one year, wooden spoon contenders the next. This tells me one thing: the Warriors' problem is not with the players.

It’s easy to look at all the rights and wrongs over the past year but for the Warriors to move forward someone needs to be held accountable. And the person who has been in the middle of the whole saga is CEO Wayne Scurrah.

Let’s look back over the past 12 months:

September 2011: Warriors unable to offer our most successful coach a long-term contract, giving him no option but to look elsewhere.

October 2011: Signed Brian McClennan on a two-year contract; John Hart leaves his role with the club.

June 2012: Krisnan Inu told he is no longer wanted by the club, goes on to have the best season of his career with the Bulldogs.

August 2012: McClennan pushed out of his two-year contract; Tony Iro given the top job.

September 2012: The search for a new coach: Craig Bellamy offered big money which wasn’t there for Ivan Cleary; Iro not given a chance to prove his worth with the players' backing; Tim Sheens not even looked at for the role.

So that has left us with Matthew Elliot. And don’t get me wrong, I'm the first person hoping he is successful with the club and will support the team 100 per cent. But the reality of it all is within 12 months we lose our most successful coach to the Panthers and are left with the coach they got rid of. It doesn’t add up.

But for Scurrah to sit at the press conference as if it was all his hard work luring a well-known coach across the ditch doesn’t sit right with me. Yes, he may be a well-known coach but he is only there because of the failure to retain a top coach, give another top coach a chance to see out his contract, lure even bigger coaches to the club or give the players' choice a go. It seems  lliot was an easy way out for Scurrah.

It bemuses me as to how he has come out of all this without copping any flak from media or the public when he has been a key figure.

It is about time he took some of the punches and admit he was wrong not to put an offer to Cleary, to admit he and other management treated McClennan unfairly, to admit they should have chased Sheens with an offer close to Bellamy's.

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But no, he will be the last person to admit these things. Change is needed at the top.

Owen Glenn has the money and passion to make this a successful club but needs to get rid of the "boys" environment and make some tough decisions when it comes to who is running the club, or Warriors fans can expect much of the same.

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