Mossi Marauder and Tylo the Timid

Last updated 05:00 09/10/2012
Mossi and Tyler
Anna Johnstone

GOOD MATES: Mossi Marauder and Tylo the Timid

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We got Mossi when she was a teeny fluffy white baby.

One minute I was looking on Trade Me and the next she was delivered to our doorstep. It was love at first sight.

Admittedly we were a little unprepared. She got to sleep in our bed the fist night as we hadn't had a chance to get her a place of her own.

Perhaps it was this taste of being spoilt from the beginning that turned her into the queen of the household that she is today.

The first few weeks she was a little angel until she hit her teens. She had cat pimples and her idea of fun was leaping out to attack us from behind doorframes, the furniture and the tops of shelves.

She also decided that while I was at work on my computer during the day she would knock everything she could reach off the shelves. We decided it was time to get her a playmate.

Enter 'Tylo', a black fluffy rescue kitten from the Nelson SPCA. He became her little brother and despite her bullying ways they became great friends. Tylo is the opposite to Mossi in every way, both in colour and personality.

Timid and shy he would rather cuddle than fight. Mossi even used to alert us to when Tylo was stuck some place.

One time she led us right up the back of the neighbours' property to where Tylo was stuck behind a fence crying.

Another evening she led us down the road to the roof of the local doctors' surgery where Tylo had climbed up and got himself stuck. They are almost three years old now and we have since moved to a house near the river.

The locals in the neighborhood all know Mossi. She is often seen from the riverside bridge down on the river rocks watching Aragorn, the white swan, and the ducks swim about.

I think she has even fallen in a few times as she has come home for a towel-dry, soaking wet and covered in river muck.

It's not necessarily a bad thing as she doesn't mind water, I even wash her under the hose in the summer. She purrs the whole time.

Tylo on the other hand likes to sleep inside and hang out close to home with the neighbourhood cats. He is a hopeless hunter and prefers to bring sticks and insects in to us as his catch.

Mossi sometimes brings him a bird to play with and I have seen the other cats in the area let him play with their birds and lizards on the street too. I think they all understand he is a bit different.

Mossi and Tylo are great cats. We love them and their quirks very much and hope they will both be with us for a long time to come.

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