Puffin and Panda purring with punch

Last updated 13:27 15/10/2012
LOVES HIS BAGS: Puffin's a playful pussy.

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Gorgeous each in their own way, my babies, rescued cats Puffin and Panda, have been in my care since they were eight weeks old.

I didn't know what sex they were until they had their first vaccinations and despite the contrary view it is quite difficult to tell - even using YouTube guides.

Their personalities have done a double turn since they were little (they're now nine months old).

Puffin is timid, much smaller than his brother and definitely the quirkier of the two. He is completely bag obsessed - any chance he has, he's inside one.

Panda is the boss and totally treat orientated. He thunders around the house and is not afraid to draw blood.

Their latest favourite pastime is chasing flies, no matter what they tip over in the process.

They know where the sunniest spots in the house are and are usually always at the door to greet me when I get home from work.

They leave fur and muddy footprints everywhere and love having their bellies scratched.

Neighbourhood cats who frequent our backyard are disliked, as are strangers.

I wouldn't have Pufin and Panda any other way!

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