Old and cold, but full of love

Last updated 05:00 16/10/2012

At 14, Connor is getting a bit old for 'loopy time'.

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We've always had dogs, generally black lab crosses. When our last dog had to follow the rainbow bridge due to a respitory issue, we lasted just eight weeks without a dog around the house - it was just too quiet and there was no one to eat the toast crusts left on the plate.

So a trip to the rescue place saw us come home with a 10-week-old black lab, staffi cross.

His first foray into the house saw him leaping onto the couch from the middle of the room, where he proceeded to snuggle with my father.

A trip to the mailbox and he decided it was his job to carry in the envelopes, which led to a biscuit for completing his chore. He has the tummy of the labradors with the stubborn streak of the staffi.

Connor is now 14 years old and spends more time asleep on the couch than 'doing loopy', that is, every evening, after his dinner, he would tear around the dining table and hallway for a good five minutes of 'loopy time'.

He feels the cold now, so has three hooded sweatshirts, in manly colours of red, black and grey, which he wears in winter and a thermal-lined rain jacket for those cold winter walks at the park.

His hearing isn't as good as it used to be, which he uses to his advantage at the park when off-lead, a casual glance to acknowledge he heard you calling him back while he proceeds to continue sniffing in the bushes.

Of course, this hearing loss also means we can eat a packet of chips alone without those brown eyes pleading for a taste.

He's on a few medications including a magic powder (Hubrihound) which has taken him from limping and being in pain on his daily walks, to bounding and running again.

It's delayed the day we have to have 'the talk' and take him to the vet that one last time and also given him back his bounce.

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