Malachai's cool charms irresistible

Last updated 07:28 06/11/2012
OPEN SEASON: Malachai loves helping himself.

OPEN SEASON: Malachai loves helping himself.

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I've never met a cat like him.

Oozing the chill factor, nothing concerns Malachai, who strolls around, tail in the air, checking out what's new around the place. He loves the black lab and his Poppa (my dad).

Don't dare leave the fridge door open as he jumps right in to check it out. Same with the toilet window, unless you want a cat landing on your lap while sitting on the dunny (there is a cat door next to the toilet).

Malachai lies in the middle of the doorway or lounge. On his back with feet in the air. Fast asleep. Nuts!

We had an ambulance here once and the officers had to get him out of it to take the person away; he also tried to come to my Christmas party last year... just has to check it out.

I've joked that I could take him into town and he'd find another family: "yeah gidday. I'm Malachai. So what's going on?"

The thought that he wasn't overly attached to me was a bit disheartening (two other moggies are attached to me like a second skin), until Malachai went missing.

We found him a day later locked in the neighbour's boat shed. I've never seen him display so much frantic emotion! Weaving in and out of my legs before eating means he does love me. The chilled out kitty loves his mama. And I just love that fact.

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