Enemies in the house of fluff

Last updated 06:59 07/11/2012
PLAYFUL CHARACTER: Chloe is a cheeky minx.
MAN OF THE HOUSE: Corban doesn't like disrespect.

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I rescued Chloe (freckle foot) from the SPCA when she was 8 weeks old.

She was a sweet little calico kitten that farted out of nervousness. Once home she was introduced to Corban the persian (squash face). Needless to say, 10 years later she sees him as a plaything and he sees her as the devil incarnate.

They couldn't be more different. Corban is an indoor boy, she's an outdoor girl; he loves to be the centre of attention, she'd much rather sit in the hallway ignoring everything. He's terrified of plastic bags but can handle the sound of fireworks, she is terrified of fireworks but doesn't mind plastic bags. He's vocal ALL THE TIME, she only chirrups when she wants crunchies or in the middle of the night wanting inside.

My husband and I love how they have completely different personalities but sometimes wish they'd be more friendly towards each other. At least they tolerate each other.

But you know what, I actually think deep down Corban actually likes her. Deep, deep down.

They both rule the roost. Corban with his insistent attention seeking and Chloe with her wide-eyed crunchie begging and occasional head-butting.

We can't bar them from the bedroom as there's either constant scratching (Corban) or meowing (Chloe) till we give up. They just don't let us sleep if they want something, ever.

They are our babies, we love them, I'm pretty sure they love us just as much. Equally.

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