A dose of Siamese madness

Last updated 11:30 08/11/2012
Siamese Jennifer

LAP NINJA: Siamese Jennifer knows how to get some attention.

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Those of you who have lived with a Siamese may already have some idea about their particular traits.

Those that haven't, here's insight in to living with what is not so much a cat but more an emotionally complex dog, or a boarder who doesn't pay the rent. There is nothing quite like them and I am going to attempt to explain why.

Jennifer (affectionately known as "Jen Jen" by my daughter and wife) is an 8-year-old chocolate point Siamese.

She has been through a lot, including moving at least five times, living in a cattery for eight weeks, and travelling to Dunedin with me from Christchurch on multiple occasions.

It is this which gives you the first insight. She meows loudly for the first 30 minutes of the trip in the car (just wandering around the back-seat, no cat box here) before settling down - generally on the front passenger's lap.

During a quick stop in Timaru she will trot off to the middle of the domain for a quick toilet stop before returning to my call, and we are on our way.

Jen talks to us. The conversation will start with the typical Siamese loud call until one of us takes notice, before quietening down once we respond to her. If you are standing around, talking to someone else or not paying attention, she will jump on to your shoulder and make herself comfy. She will do this to visitors as well if you don't give her attention; some people freak out!

If she gets bored, which is often, she will do one of two things: either she will bring something worth throwing over to you and drop it at your feet, asking you to play fetch - which she does like any normal dog. Or she will sit in the corner and pull her own fur out. Odd - but quite common for Siamese I have discovered.

She also has a large element of the "lap ninja" about her. Sitting on the couch watching telly? One second clear lap, next Jen lap. It's that quick.

If you let her she will follow you down the street on your walk. I have often had to pick her up and take her home, shut the door then run down the street so she doesn't follow me. When I turn to her and say "go home!" she just looks at me and says "WOWWAAAWWWW?".

Completely mental, high maintenance and loud. But I would not have it any other way. What a cool animal to have in your life.

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