King Carlos reigns supreme

Last updated 05:00 09/11/2012
RULES SUPREME: Carlos likes to drink from the tap.

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This is Carlos, left, namesake Carlos Spencer. He is around seven-years-old and is the sweetest little guy.

Brought in the Hutt Valley, he was supposed to be a flat cat shared by four girls but somehow he became mine. When he was younger he stepped in his own poo and ran around my flatmate's bed. It was funny but she got mad.

He sleeps on my bed every night much to the disgruntlement of my other half, most nights crashed out at my feet, occasionally squeezed in between us dragging down the blanket, and when it’s very cold under the blankets stretched out next to me with his cold paws slap bang on my tummy.

Carlos likes to follow me around everywhere I go. Cooking in the kitchen, he’ll be on the bench watching what I’m doing, hanging out the washing or upstairs reading, wherever I go, he follows. Whenever I get home from work he is always there to greet me.

He loves those crunchy cat treats but we had to stop giving them to him because he went crazy. Nowadays if you rustle something he thinks its treats and he won’t stop talking to you even if you show him an empty bag.

When he was about two-years-old he got clipped in the face by a car and ran screaming under the house, luckily he only broke a tooth and had grazing on his chin.

When he is feeling poorly he likes to climb into his cat cage and then I know it’s time to take him to the vet. He had a $120 stomach ache once. Probably just something nasty he ate.

He used to like to catch birds and mice, though he didn’t really eat them or chew them up but rather proudly displayed them like his trophies, usually in the kitchen or lounge.

Carlos used to have a witching hour of 9.00pm. Every night he would go nuts, racing up and down the hall, playing with his buddy Carter or just generally annoying someone. He still loves to play. When I make the bed he comes racing, jumps on and skedaddles around with his claws out and his eyes wild. Whenever we play like that he never claws me. He always just uses his paws. Pity I can’t say the same for my partner.

The best thing is when he jumps on the bed to say "hi", then immediately flips over and curls up peeping at me from behind his furry arm.

All in all, Carlos is probably the best cat I have ever owned. I say that about all my fur babies but Carlos really is a beautiful, gentle boy who has stolen my heart completely.

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