Pets who rule the roost: Queen of the house

Last updated 05:00 12/11/2012
RIGHT ROYAL ACT: Lilly rules her roost.

RIGHT ROYAL ACT: Lilly rules her roost.

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Pets who rule the roost

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My little girl came from the SPCA with her sister when eight weeks old. They travelled from Tauranga to Wellington.

My partner and I decided to get two kittens as Christmas presents to each other.

Lilly is a fluffy long hair tabby with the most amazing tail and face (she looks like a Norwegian forest cat now that she is older).

She caught cat flu early on and I had a little kitten running around my house sneezing, and this is where it started. She got treated like royalty, with a hot water bottle under her bed to keep her warm, blankets, the best food and lots of cuddles. She got better.

Then the talking started, she talks and talks. You can have a whole conversation with her.

Then came the sitting on the shoulder. I couldn't be in the kitchen or in the garage without Lilly sitting on my shoulder watching everything. Of course, you must be head butted and smooched while she's sitting up there. She likes people's faces

Then came the carrying things around. It started off with her mouse toy, and she followed that up with dragging things out of storage boxes - like stuffed toys (her fav is a pig).

Next came the bits of dirt from outside, branches all sorts, and things in the washing basket. I eventually found her stash in a wardrobe.

She loves water, fill the bath and she will walk around in the water. You can wash her and everything. This all happened in the first three months.

So what's she like a year on and now 4kg of fluff?

Well, she gets cat flu still sometimes, so out come the hot water bottle (now she knows what it looks like I can't have it anymore).

The talking continues - she is always demanding to be played with - and the pig is dragged from room to room.

She still likes the shoulder spot and has her own special chair in the kitchen.

If you ignore her and talk to someone else (like my partner) she will start crying until due attention is given.

Sleeping in the bed is a must (she loves the warmth) but don't think about breathing on her - she will pop her paws on your face and push you away.

And now she collects bigger items from outside and brings them in (not wildlife).

She sounds a little bossy and noisy but really she just has a big personality and is always happy to see you come home in the evening.

She loves her sister too. And, of course, a head bump and smooch every possible opportunity. She's very gentle and has never hissed, scratched or growled at either my partner or me.

It should be noted that her sister has started to show a big personality too, but she's just not as chatty or pushy about it! She is a lovely calm cat who loves her cuddles and world upside down.

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But Lilly really is queen of the house.

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