Pets who rule the roost: Routine is a must

Last updated 05:00 15/11/2012
OUTDOORS LOVER: Mottle likes to roam.

OUTDOORS LOVER: Mottle likes to roam.

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Pets who rule the roost

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Our Mottle is a fun loving and affectionate little lady with her own daily routine.

It's breakfast and then she demands a game with mouse on the string etc... before heading outside to explore the neighbourhood. She goes some distance and returns when hungry.

Then it's on to our bed, which she thinks is there for her afternoon snooze.
Afternoon tea follows with biscuits on demand, followed by a return to the neighbourhood.

Dinner time and a bit of snuggle time brings her back, before she joins us on our bed for the night.

When she returns from her out door exploits she is just as excited as a young pup and requires a lot of patting and smooching.

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