Feeding time at the home zoo

Last updated 05:00 16/11/2012

MAD HOUSE: Pisser, left, helps with the dusting. Nitro, centre, has a sleep on the washing. Dream, right, doesn't realise she's a sheep.

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Coming home from work I pull into the drive as quickly as I can, but due to the animals' amazing sense of hearing I am always too late.

Nitro, our black labrador, rushes out on the road and dances around the car, closely followed by our black kitten, Possum, and her equally as black surrogate mother, Pisser.

While I am navigating my way around the dog and cats, trying not to flatten them, I am further greeted by our flock of chooks.

Eventually I give up trying to get the car into the garage, stop where I am, and go to the house to feed the masses.

When they are all eating (fed in order of slowest eater to quickest) I run back to the car and park it up.

While all this is going on our lamb is yelling, "Muuuuuuummmmm, Muuuuuuuummmmmmm" from the paddock wanting to be let out.

I let her out and she is immediately chased around the paddock by the dog, then the kitten plays with her. When they bore of this she then goes and chases the chooks.

Meanwhile my children arrive home on the bus and I put them to work feeding the lamb, cuddling the guinea pigs and collecting eggs. Then as soon as no one is looking the lamb bolts for my vegetable patch and scoffs as much as she can before being sent back to her paddock.

At night, we have to put all the animals into special places. The Bengal cat either outside or in our room as he raids the pantry and anything left on the bench, Pisser outside so she won't piss inside, dog inside on the couch as we had to give his kennel to the lamb, chooks locked into their house, and the kitten goes out hunting for the night.

So, yes, perhaps our house is just slightly dominated by the pets!

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