Sooty's not fat, he's fluffy

Last updated 05:00 18/11/2012
LIFE OF LEISURE: Sooty is getting older and likes to sleep for most of the day.

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He's not fat, he's fluffy and our vet agrees. Our much loved Sooty weighs in at a very acceptable average, but when you see him up close you could be fooled into thinking there is solid muscle under that fur coat. Plus, he has what we call a reversible coat - if you brush his fur back the wrong way, he is pure white underneath.

Sooty hails from Australia and was adopted from the SPCA. At the time, they estimated he was four years old, and certainly he was playful and loved to have company. It became apparent very early on that food would play an important part in his life, too.

So our daily routine was pretty much dictated by Sooty's vocal meows asking for breakfast, dinner or any snacks that might be on offer. We tried a self-feeding device, but quickly removed that level of temptation away as he devoured a week's worth of biscuits in one sitting.

Sooty is a total sook whenever there is a loud bang or startling noise. We used to joke that he was picked on by the neighbourhood cats because of his Aussie meow.

Once upon a time he would roam far and wide and bring back uninvited guests, such as birds, lizards, mice, or spiders. Thankfully he is now getting too slow to be bothered with this kind of adventure. He turned 12 this year.

These days Sooty likes nothing more than to be near you. Any lap is a good lap, and if he can't quite push himself on your lap, he will lie next to you and reach out his paw to keep in touch.

He likes to sleep for most of the day, and then gets up and starts to remind you that dinnertime is imminent, and not to forget him. So long as he is fed, watered and cuddled, life is pretty much perfect for Sooty.

He has a purr that is so loud it sounds like a car engine and he will knead your lap or attack your feet under the duvet any chance he gets. He loves to be nearby, and now sleeps on our bed every night, making sure we get our early morning wakeup meow and pounce (with some kneading thrown in for free) at breakfast time.

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