No sleep-ins in our house

Last updated 09:30 20/11/2012
MY COUCH: Lewie relaxes on his couch.

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Our beautiful Boxer boy - Lewie (12 months) truly believes he rules the roost.

He relaxes on his couch (yes his, as he lets you know with a bit of a nudge if you want a seat on it) in my office at home dozing in the sun or watching me working, intently looking for any signs that may indicate it's time to walk, run and play.

No alarm clock is needed in our house as, at 6:00am every day, to the minute, I hear him get off his mat, make his way down the hall, push open the bedroom door and rest his head on my side of the bed until I get up, get dressed and take him off for a walk to the park.

Breakfast and dinner times are very structured regarding time, and after an early evening final blow-out around the yard with his favourite flat rugby ball, he makes himself comfortable beside us on his mat while we read or watch some TV, occasionally looking up for a pat.

I think I'm still the boss but really, Lewie knows he's the boss. 

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