One rules, the other cuddles

Last updated 10:40 19/11/2012

Hollie lounges in charge, while Simba is always on the hunt for cuddles.

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First there was Hollie, we didn't choose her, she chose us.

A tiny seven week old black kitten was staring through the glass at me, as soon as I got her out she climbed over my shoulder and went to sleep in my hood, that was when I knew she was coming home with us.

She enjoyed a couple of years being queen of the house, sleeping in the bed when it was cold, but only giving cuddles on her terms, lying in the sun all day and having all the food she wanted.

One fur baby was never going to be enough though.

Next came Simba. I was very nervous as Hollie had never seemed to like other cats. She came down to the petshop with us to meet Simba before he came home.

Simba is the complete opposite to Hollie, his understanding is any time is cuddle time and he never stops purring, he follows you around the house like a little shaddow with his purr motor going, and as soon as you sit down he is on your knee.

He has never been a very playful kitten, more of a quiet and shy one, but at six months old he is beginning to come out of his shell and playing more and more. Hollie's tail being the favourite toy.

They are very cute together and get along really well (most of the time).

My life would be incomplete without my fur babies.

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