Chickens come inside to roost

Last updated 11:30 29/11/2012
Penny the chicken

RULING THE ROOST: Penny the chicken also like the house.

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Where do I start when it comes to my pets? My dog's name is Minnie, she is a rescue dog and just so beautiful.

She spends a lot of time sleeping, but when she is ready for a walk she tells us with bark and a quick run around the lounge.

If she wants out she smacks her heavy tale against the door and to get back in she she scratches - the door is ruined.

Patches, our cat, adopted us. He came from next door; they had kids so he left. He is spoiled.

Patches begins meowing for food at 5am, which I get for him, and he sleeps where he wants and when he wants. Your are not allowed to move him.

I have five chickens, with two thinking inside the house where they belong.

Spuart  slept in the laundry for five months and I have to put her to bed every night like a kid. She pecks at the door to get in and makes lots of noise when she doesn't get her way or my attention.

I think the other chickens put her up to getting food - I can't say no, she is my baby.

Penny the chicken is older and demands respect.

Open the door and bam, she will jump in with Squart looking for a place to eat or just chill. Both like to eat the cat's food.

Sometimes I leave the side door open for air and in wanders Penny. I just yell at her "out" and she turns around and tootles off.

I have millions of stories of things that my pets get up to, these are just a few.

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