Pets who rule the roost: Caught red-pawed

Last updated 14:30 11/12/2012
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RED PAWED: Mochi gets caught in the act in the bookshelf.

Moochie caught on camera

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Pets who rule the roost

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So often I come home from work and there's some sort of mess which I can only assume is from the cats. Feathers all over the bedroom, skinks tails on the carpet, cat beds overturned or paw prints on the bench.

Our cats spend more time at home than we do, and they certainly seem to make the most of it.

It seemed the latest adventure was the bookshelves in the lounge. I kept coming home to various titles having been pulled out of the shelves. About the third time it happened, I caught one of them in the act, although she was already caught by the looks of it...

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