Pets who rule the roost: Three purring dictators

Last updated 05:00 18/12/2012
Chrysta Owen

AWESOME THREESOME: From left: Ron, George and Wolf.

Ron, George and Wolf from left to right

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Pets who rule the roost

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My partner and I have three cats - two brothers adopted from the Cats Protection League and a stray who was reluctantly allowed to stay after a lot of begging from me.

Their names are Ron, George and Wolf and I love them to pieces. Unfortunately, I'm the one who feeds them in the morning, so it means I'm subjected to a three-pronged attack from about 6am, regardless of weekends.

Wolf jumps on the bed purring and trying to brush my hair with his claws. Ron climbs the curtains. George sits in the hallway meowing forlornly.

It's not always the happiest start to the day and I get very grumpy sometimes - even resorting to spraying them with water on a really bad day.

It's funny though because if they don't wake me up I know that something isn't right and get worried.

Each has their own little quirks which put a smile on my face everyday. Ron meets me at the letterbox ready to headbutt and purr like a tractor, while Wolf will throw himself on the floor in front of you as soon as you walk in the door for pats.

George was actually born feral and is only half the size of the other boys. He's tiny, shy and skittish but it makes it even more worthwhile when he snuggles up for cuddles at nighttime. 

My boys are so spoiled and know exactly what buttons to press. They always get the snacks they want, and while I can say no sometimes, my partner can't say no to their meows.

Needless to say-they are on diets at the moment after stern words from the vet.

It's amazing how three small creatures can play such a big part in our lives, and make them that much more interesting. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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