You can't keep a good dog down

Last updated 05:00 12/01/2013
SN dog
MOGGY CHASER: Jet the dog.

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Jet's life has been filled with many rich journeys. The three-legged dog of indeterminable breed has overcome many obstacles; from being abandoned by his former owners in the mangroves, being buried alive and run over twice - his spirit and will to live always astounds.

I was eight years old and my mother was a teacher at the local area school. After school one day I went round to my friend's house.

"We've got a new puppy!" my friend told me. I was super jealous. I'd always wanted a dog of my own. That afternoon we played with the dog, called Fluffy, on the trampoline and round the house. It turned out that this dog had been living in the mangroves down the road. My friend's Mum had seen it a couple of times and finally managed to catch him by bribing him with some food.

As I went inside the house getting ready to walk back to my place, my friend's mum said to me, "You can have him if you want". I immediately accepted her offer and called Mum to tell her I was bringing a new dog home.

"Mum I've got a new dog and I'm bringing him home now"

"Hold on, where did this come from?" Mum replied.

I explained to her how my friend's Mum had managed to coax this half-wild dog out of the mangroves and I was ready to make him the newest addition to our small family.

Mum came down to have a look at Fluffy. She agreed that we could take him on in two days. We bought a dog basket and dog bowl and in two days brought him home. We renamed him Jet. He caused Mum much frustration as he would never come when he was called for the first few months, and would take off "like a jet plane", she said.

Jet has transformed over the years winning over many hearts with his unassuming affection and life-long personal vendetta against cats. Even now at least 16 years old (the dog control guy reckoned he was two when we got him and I'm now 22), he's mostly deaf and has some blindness; Jet will send me dashing into random people's backyards as he manages to slip off his lead in pursuit of an unsuspecting moggy.

Jet is ancient in terms of doggy years and he has nearly been called to the giant bone in the sky a few times over the years but he always pulls through. Jet is living proof that while your body may become wrinkled and slower - and in Jet's case, an abundance of grey hairs under your chin - if you nurture a young spirit, your life will never get old.

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