Pets who rule the roost ... My dog hates the internet

Last updated 10:13 17/01/2013
SN dog

NEEDS KIBBLES: Ronald Scheckelhoff's dog knows how to get what he wants.

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Pets who rule the roost

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I am one of those for whom the term "single-tasking male" would be highly appropriate.

When seriously engaged in a task, such as surfing the net, it is not at all unreasonable that I should not notice an impromptu firecracker and fireworks display in my front lawn.

My dog has noticed this behaviour, and considers it a bit of a pet peeve.

When I am so engrossed, as is described, he will come to my workstation and knock the mouse away from my hand. He weighs 130 pounds, and is thusly well equipped for the task of bouncer.

Lately, he has developed a very clever habit of waking me up. He nudges me as if to say: "Dammit - I need my kibbles."

He eventually does manage to awaken me (did I say he weighs 130 pounds?). I don't starve the poor boy - he gets what he wants, eventually.

He pesters me until I finally arise to his needs. I follow him to a corner of the room, where he promptly lies down and closes his eyes. Tit-for-tat.

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