Pets who rule the roost: Blacky the wheelchair cat

Last updated 12:23 22/01/2013
blacky the wheelchair cat

OUTSIDE STROLL: Blacky the cat uses his wheelchair to zoom around the backyard.

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Louise Hopkins
Blacky the wheelchair cat

Blacky, the wheelchair cat in 2010

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Pets who rule the roost

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My cat Blacky is proof that love and belief can change the life of one animal.

Blacky is a one-eyed cat due to an ulcer that ruptured in his eye. Several years later he was hit by a car and left with spinal nerve damage and paralysis in his rear legs and bladder. However, he can now feel his legs if you tickle them.

Just last year Blacky had perineal urethrostomy surgery because his bladder kept blocking. The surgery was a success and while he doesn't have his male bits anymore, he's still a boy.

Blacky's life has been spoilt rotten. He's the only cat with a wheelchair in New Zealand that we know of and he's been a bit of a celebrity on TV and radio.

Read the story of how Blacky got his wheelchair here.

We'd like to thank everyone that helped fund his wheels. We're very grateful to Paw Justice, Trade Me and all our special friends.

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