Beatles final album a true love

Last updated 07:09 18/09/2012

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The Beatles Abbey Road is the first album (and they were called album's then, or LP's) I can remember hearing.

My eldest brother brought it some time in 1970 and played it repeatedly on our old, wooden record player.

I was only 4 or 5 at the time but even then the luscious harmonies of Sun King, the powerfully subtle drumming Ringo, the powerful melodies of Golden Slumbers, resonated with me.

That period began my love affair with the Beatles, but also with music.

Since then I have learnt to love or appreciate rock-n-roll, punk, new wave, jazz, house, classical and rap, but I always come back to Abbey Road as my first true love.

This was the last record they made together, and in all probability they knew it would be the last. All of them were highly assured songwriters, probably at their respective peaks creatively. And they were going through life-changing events together and separately.

Out of this upheaval they somehow managed to "come together' one last time, and create a band album.

While George was probably left on his own, he delivered the two strongest songs of his career; Paul and John once again brough the best out of each other; and Ringo, while smiling, helped wrap it all up.

While side one is great, side two is as close to musical perfection you can get. Great harmonies, great ballads, simple rock-n-roll all fused into one continuous thematic piece that leaves you breathless.

Having listened to it hundreds of times I still get goosebumps as George, John and Paul swap electric guitar licks as the End reaches its climax.

It moves me every time, without question, and by the way The End has to feature the best closing lines a band has ever produced.

It is 43 years since Abbey Road was released. It closed the 60's and welcomed the new musical horizon. It is a classic.

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