Album I couldn't live without: Take in The Sun

Last updated 05:00 13/11/2012
Take in The Sun
GOLDEN GLOW: Take in The Sun.

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The album I can't live without

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The rose held in the chain-mail glove that was the Straitjacket Fits was Andrew Brough. Already a veteran of Flying Nun band The Orange, Brough was the one with the angelic voice that soared over such classic Fits songs as Sparkle That Shines and Down in Splendor (among others).

He was also part of the twin guitar attack that left me breathless on the nights I saw the Fits play live. Sadly he didn't survive with the Fits past the second album but he soon got his own group together: Bike.

I never get to see them play live but they have left us with an absolute stunner of an album called Take In The Sun.

From the second the title track starts it leaps out of the speakers with a huge full sound, a ringing, chiming, jangling guitar followed by a driving drum beat then there's that voice again. Any doubts I may have had about him leading his own band were truly blown away in under a minute. There is a fantastic mix of slower numbers showcasing Brough's dreamy, and sometimes, raw vocals ( Sunrise, Inside, Tears Were Blue) and out and out punchy jangle fests (Keeping You In Mind, Welcome To My World).

This is likely, if push came to shove, my all time favorite Flying Nun release, everything is there; great songs, better than normal production (the songs don't sound weedy), awesome guitar playing, a tight rhythm section and of course that voice.

I vaguely remember a marketing campaign on this one with the winner off to one of the Pacific Islands to Take In The Sun, I wonder who won?
This is the second copy of this CD I have owned. I gave the first away to a mate for his birthday - a decision that proved costly as it would take almost a year and a half to track this gem again.

Its one of those perfect summer arvo albums out on the deck, beer in hand, relaxing with like-minded mates, music playing, and the sun slowly moving across the sky.

Post this album there was a one OK track on the Scarfie's soundtrack and when I could stomach it I bought the Abbasolutely Flying Nun comp (which was purchased primarily for the Bike song... yes somewhat obsessed).

Sadly there would be no follow up album and it would be almost the last I would hear from Brough.

I am constantly scratching around for the CD singles I am missing to get more Bike tracks - it's a hobby. I believe Brough is still out there somewhere, hopefully getting pleasure from making music.

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