The album I couldn't love without: Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Last updated 05:00 09/12/2012
SNEAKY SOUNDTRACK: The Red Hot Chili Peppers' Blodd Sugar Sex Magik.

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The album I can't live without

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As a lover of music of all kinds, over the last few years I have come to realise that there is always a base of music that I will always return to.

Music that I listened to when I was younger, headphones on listening to Channel Z, and taping over the lights on the radio so when Mum checked I was asleep, she had no idea I was tuning in on some great hits that would stick with me for life.

This period of my life listening to music that was played, and crafted on instruments, has set me up to have a better appreciation of music in all aspects, that the youth of today do not have the chance to access so freely.

I rarely listened to the radio after Channel Z was closed, and I have found this to have been both detrimental and advantageous to my music repertoire. I have since been engaged in various forms of music, and have gained an appreciation for various genres from reggae to rap, rock to dubstep.

But after all of this learning of new musical crafts and genres I still go back to the roots of when I learned what music is about, and I attribute this directly to Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Their album Blood Sugar Sex Magik has been the one album I can never turn away from. If I'm in the car and have nothing to listen to, that CD is what gets put on, without fail.

With such iconic tracks, it's hard not to fall into their funky groove and get immersed in to the past. This is an album that was released before I was even born, and so I have literally gown up with it.

Any time I hear 'Power of equality' I get a little excited. I just know that I am in for a treat - a period of time where it really is like listening to 'magik'. It takes me back to those nights of sneaky headphones and great tunes. Hits such as 'Suck my kiss', 'Give it away', 'Breaking the girl'.

I think many fans of the Chilis will agree that there are some of the better tracks they have ever produced on this album, and it was a time when you could feel the passion and the raw feeling in each and every track.

When I heard the Chilis were coming to New Zealand again, I was on to those tickets like the flash, and I just hope they play some of the great tracks from this unforgettable and memorable album.

Thanks to Channel Z and the Chilis for a great upbringing.

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I just hope my kids have a station to listen to that will have them listening to quality music, that they too will be able to appreciate when they grow old.

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