A battle with childhood obesity

Last updated 05:00 01/02/2013
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LOLLY TRAP: To treat or not to treat?

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My daughter was overweight right from the start, it runs in our family. I had two other children and they didn't have the same weight issues, so her weight wasn't because of a bad diet.

I was so paranoid about it that I didn't give her any of the treats that other children had. I remember being in a dairy with her and a friend's child when they were both two years old. My friend's daughter was fed a lot of junk food, yet it was my daughter who was singled out for comment that she shouldn't eat so many chippies, etc. I was mortified and let my feelings be known.

As my daughter grew up and went to school she was bullied because of her size. I once overheard a child comment on her weight, so I compared the inside of her lunch box with theirs. What I found was that she had started sneaking junk food and even stealing money from my wallet to buy junk food - or stealing it from other kids' lunch boxes as she felt she was missing out. She just wanted to be like everyone else.

Junk food became this forbidden thing that she would sneak and then gorge on to hide any evidence.

If I had changed my approach when she was younger and allowed some controlled eating of that type of food, maybe she wouldn't have developed the need to gorge on junk food later in life and would have had more control over her desires.

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