Helping kids eat healthy: Don't make a fuss

Last updated 05:00 05/02/2013
FRUIT FEAST: Sometimes it might be something as simple as a stone that's putting children off healthy fruit.

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The trick to getting kids to eat healthily is to feed them, right from weaning, on what you eat, no special "kiddie" dinners.

Without making a fuss, let them try things they probably won't like at all.

Let them eat it raw if necessary. My granddaughter loves to eat straight from the garden - peas, strawberries, beans -all raw. I let her eat her fill.

Sometimes it's not the taste that's a problem for children. My granddaughter wouldn't eat cherries or other stone fruit until I figured out she didn't like the pips. I showed her how to remove them or spit the little ones and now she's happy eating them. 

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