What to do if your paper doesn't arrive

You can report a missing paper at my.stuff.co.nz - it's the easy way to manage your newspaper subscription!

my.stuff.co.nz allows you to update your email address, put your paper on hold, or report a missing or wet newspaper online at anytime and from anywhere.

To register for my.stuff.co.nz, follow the simple registration process online - all you need is your subscriber ID and email address.

Or you can call us on 0800 339 000 and we will advise you what has caused the delay and attempt to get another paper delivered or credit your account.

Please call us before 9.00am otherwise another delivery cannot be provided.

Please note: If you have trouble getting through to us it generally means we have a major delay in one area and many people are trying to get through.

 - Sunday News

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