Lana makes daring return to TV

12:10, Jul 18 2009
EXTREME TV: Lana Coc-Kroft is delighted to be fronting the adrenaline-pumping Who Dares Wins.

FEISTY Lana Coc-Kroft has put her brush with death behind her to return to daredevil television.

The plucky mum-of-three is hosting new show Who Dares Wins in which contestants are challenged to complete outrageous tasks in return for big prizes.

It's the Sportscafe host's first outing in a reality TV series since she almost lost her life after contracting blood poisoning from a coral cut while filming Celebrity Treasure Island in Fiji in 2004. The former World Vision ambassador spent nine days in a coma.

But Lana is delighted to be fronting the adrenaline-pumping Who Dares Wins in which she and her co-host, former All Blacks star Marc Ellis, do the stunts if the hopefuls lose their nerve.

"There were definitely experiences where we thought, `We'd love to give that a go'. We knew it was terrifying but we could see how cool it was," Lana told Sunday News.

"I'm really comfortable in water and with heights, I don't mind speed. I like fast cars, I like animals unless they're charging at me.


"There'd be very little I wouldn't do."

While the dares on the TV2 show push people to the extreme, safety is paramount something Lana draws on to reassure the contestants and is very conscious of herself.

"I'm not interested in putting my life on the line. I don't know about the experience on Treasure Island. The fact that I'm a mum would have more of an overriding response from me than anything else," said Lana, 41, who has kids Damien, nine, Bronson, seven and two-year-old Tyler.

"Treasure Island wasn't dangerous, I could have been anywhere in the world.

"If I looked at something and thought it was life-threatening I wouldn't do it. But Who Dares Wins is not that sort of show. It may look life-threatening but these are thrilling, exciting events in which no one is actually going to get hurt at the end of the day."

Lana believes Who Dares Wins has had a major, positive impact on the contestants, who range from youths to pensioners.

"For certain people this has been a life-altering series They will talk about this for the rest of their lives," she said.

"They will be so proud of themselves and so much more confident on a level they can do things they thought they weren't capable of.

"A couple of the dares really excited me. We had some world firsts which were thrillingly scary.

"My kids are quite adventurous too and when I showed them episodes of the show in Australia they just loved it."

Who Dares Wins, Sunday February 15, 7pm, TV2


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