Shorty strangler faces death

IS Shortland Street's Ferndale strangler about to be squeezed out of the hit soap?

Last month "nice guy" nurse Joey Henderson (Johnny Barker) was revealed as the Street's resident serial killer.

But Sunday News has learned Joey may be about to meet his own doom after the TV show returns to the screen tomorrow week.

A source said a climactic scene was being prepared, in which the star is chased through two nightclubs before jumping off a building.

But Shorty Street officials are keeping their lips sealed.

Asked about the scene by Sunday News, publicist Rachael Keereweer laughed it off as rumour.

"We haven't finished filming that stuff yet, so no I can't confirm anything," she said.

"The rumours do get out there, don't they?"

Rachael would only confirm viewers will find out if nurse Tania (Faye Smythe) survives, and that the serial killer storyline would unfold over three dramatic nights and bound to have viewers glued to their seats.

Tania was last seen with Joey looming over her when Shortland Street broke for the holidays.

The show's producer, Jason Daniel, last month told Sunday News when the soap returns to air viewers will watch Joey who has already killed receptionist Claire, bar manager Jay, and nurses Meg, Beth and Brenda stalk his next victim and get a glimpse into his mind.

"You are seeing it from his point of view why he likes working at the hospital, as he has this fascination with all things medical.

"It's like a playground for him," Jason said.

"We see his extracurricular activity, the amount of time he devotes to studying for the next procedure and stalking people and where he stashes all his medical equipment."

Fans will also find out who survives the Street's other cliffhanger the Warner family's horror car crash, involving Toni, Guy, Tuesday and Harry.


Sunday News